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Zadating com - Free local chatroom for sex only

Don't you find that weird that 99% of profiles are in their 20s and many don't look their ages and that their is hardly any huggly women ????have you seen any other sites that are ligit that don't have overweight and huggly women profiles !!!!

Please indicate your real Member ID number so we could find the member mentioned by you.We also have the best anti-scam policy in the industry and 24/7 customer service. all those profiles were paid models photographed by proffessionels We suggest all our members upload professionally made photos to get more attention.Neither Skype nor Whatsapp has it, that is why people prefer to stay with us rather than move to other platforms. not legally steeling our money All billing procedures, information about membership reactivation and additional purchases are listed online for our client to see. it is an international dating site, it is natural that people want to show the best of themselves :) 5.Your assistance in this matter is highly appreciated. However, I have checked the communication you had with our customer support department and would like to confirm that your contact details have been passed to the members you mentioned. I understand having to pay for the service, but if the prices were a bit more reasonable and we could chat a little longer you may get more positive reviews, It is very costly to maintain communication here, especially when showing pictures email and videos. I wasted $ 100 USD just with 2 chats in 10 minutes by looking at their pictures and videos they sent me thru the chat...After seven weeks, numerous phone calls and somewhere between 20 and 30 emails to support and despite promises that it will be available in the next couple of days, after following all the protocol on the site of, to request the contact details of two women nothing has happened. I like the service but if you lower the cost more people would join and perhaps would not object to spending more money. Fellows, we specialize in traking fake and scam websites.... as someone here said , I have tried many times to ask them to continue the chat via skype and Whatsapp and email and eventhough I was getting invited to fly to their countries to meet they would not once reply to the simple offer of meeting on another system that is not legally steeling our money.Use your head and go take a walk before you burn your money with this scam site ...

we will make it our priority to make as much publicity to expose this website and will not stop here...

Please tell us have you contacted customer service for clarification? Hello everyone, Today I made registration on this website and the chat requests started immediately. They make it impossible for two consenting adults to exchange contact information without e-mailing their support service, which will send you a Marriage Broker disclosure form you must fill out, submit, etc...MAYBE you may get a real person contacting you.

However, to start chatting you need to buy credits. Let me explain that 20 credits can be used for 20 minutes of chat as it is billed 1 credit per minute. US gets you 160 credits, which is at a 25% discount, and it may last a day or two. If this site were legitimate, and if the *female members* were legitimate, I would have expected a less punitive form of charge for the privilege of contacting someone.

Our customer support managers will be also glad to give you your credits history to explain the charges.

It was the first time in my life to get online on a dating network, and although it I am quite experienced in using the Internet and Internet security, I didn't check the site properly and the interface seems quite sophisticates, somehow implies correctness.

fine I said, I pay it and there is something which you get later, it is impossible that you have to pay this much.

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    Consequently, girls learn to define romance as a noun — a subjective experience brought about by a man’s actions.