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So we reviewed the design to reprint the reinforced model.We also had to think about the adapting of the parts to the motors’ power.

We had a passion for drones, and a dream: to democratize drone racing.

CV: Sketchup and Solidworks, which are references in the field.

Sketchup allows to go faster when defining a product thanks to a free, easy to navigate 3D drawing space.

That’s what we offered our first clients: an early bird short run of 320 products.

And for us, 3D printing allowed us to do the tests, the crash tests, and adapt the product.

CV: The relationship with Sculpteo worked really well.

We got the answers and dialogs we needed, in particular when it comes to problematics related to 3D printing with SLS for an object that, by definition, endures a lot of shocks, and needs to be both resistant and flexible.The advantages I mentioned (handling, adaptation…) are recognized.We offer popular tools through our mobile app, which simplify configuration greatly.It appeared around 2014 as an amateur sport, and now is structured by several organisation, among which, in Europe, the European Rotor Sports Association (ERSA).The Americans are quite visionary, both in the sport as in the way the present it and communicate around it, as are the Koreans.We organized a beta test phase, in which some famous pilots took part, and gave precious feedback.