Wsus last status report not updating

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Wsus last status report not updating

You can open the Local Group Policy Object in Windows XP by clicking Start and clicking Run. The details pane will display the same settings that were outlined in the previous section.

This entails deploying the required software on the network and configuring the required settings.

If it is enabled you can select one of the following settings as to how updates are downloaded and if the administrator is notified: You also need to point the client computers to the WSUS server on the network.

This can also be done through the Windows Update container within a GPO.

Type in the same URL in the Set the intranet statistics server field.

The WSUS settings configure through the GPO will now be automatically deployed to the client computers.

Click Add and locate the Automatic Updates ADM file (wuau.adm) which is located in the Windows\inf directory. You can find the Windows Update settings within a GPO by navigating to Computer Configuration/ Administrative Templates/ Windows Components/ Windows Update folder.

Within the details pane, double click Configure Automatic Updates and click Enabled.

Here's how to configure Windows XP to access patches on a WSUS server.

In this article I will outline how to configure a computer running Windows XP Professional to obtain updates from a WSUS server on the local network.

Configuring WSUS clients locally Keeping your workstations up to date with all of the latest updates and security patches is vital.

This becomes problematic when you have to support dozens or hundreds of workstations.

The article assumes that you have already installed and configured a WSUS server.

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