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To the Western elite who had fallen under sugar’s spell there were few options: deal with the small southern European sugar manufacturers, defeat the Turk, or develop new sources of sugar.

When you return, you’ll see that the crystals have settled on the bottom of the glass.When Arab armies conquered the region, they carried away the knowledge and love of sugar.It was like throwing paint at a fan: first here, then there, sugar turning up wherever Allah was worshipped.As cane is not at its most productive in temperate climes—it needs tropical, rain-drenched fields to flourish—the first European market was built on a trickle of Muslim trade, and the sugar that reached the West was consumed only by the nobility, so rare it was classified as a spice.But with the spread of the Ottoman Empire in the 1400s, trade with the East became more difficult.Perhaps the first Europeans to fall in love with sugar were British and French crusaders who went east to wrest the Holy Land from the infidel.

They came home full of visions and stories and memories of sugar.

Marzipan was the rage, ground almonds and sugar sculpted into outlandish concoctions that demonstrated the wealth of the state.

A 15th-century writer described an entire marzipan mosque commissioned by a caliph. The Arabs perfected sugar refinement and turned it into an industry. The heat of the fields, the flash of the scythes, the smoke of the boiling rooms, the crush of the mills.

“He was terrified of gym,” Principal Walton told me.

“There was trouble running, trouble breathing—the kid had it all.” “Of course, I’m not one to judge,” Walton added, laughing, slapping her thighs.

A kind of elixir, a cure for every ailment, an answer for every mood, sugar featured prominently in ancient New Guinean myths.

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    The results of research at the Teouma Lapita site (Efate Island, Vanuatu) and the Talasiu Lapita site (near Nuku'alofa, Tonga) published in 2016 supports the Express Train model; although with the qualification that the migration bypassed New Guinea and Island Melanesia.