Who is sam sparro dating

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The smokescreen lighting effects worked brilliantly to cast the band as anonymous silhouettes, leaving the eclectic sound to work its magic.Often combining robotic dance moves with standing completely still to soak up the crowd’s approval, Sparro maintained their sing-along enthusiasm for every word he sang.

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WHEN penning his smash hit single Black and Gold, Sam Sparro was working in an LA coffee shop, waiting for a miracle.

Sparro admits it was the quickest song to make on the record, and its effortless quality instantly shines through.

The theme of loss and the quest for inner joy continues on falsetto ballad 'Shades of Grey' and hazy house number 'Hearts Like Us', the latter steadily building into a euphoric glitterball dance-off.

What Sparro may lack in energy he vampirically sucks from his audience.

By the time he's knockin' em cold with "Black and Gold", he's given up contemplating the divine, and goes crawlabout.

Although his most recent offering, 21st Century Life, only managed 44th position in the UK charts, there was no questioning its popularity as the audience mimicked his every move.

Sparro’s gothic bat-like costume for Black and Gold complemented his brilliantly camp personality, ending the set on a definitive high.

The moments where he seems to find happiness are far and few between, making them all the more welcome when they arrive.

There are flashes of late '80s George Michael on 'Yellow Orange Rays' and even a touch of Prince on funk-filled 'Let The Love In'.

Sam Sparro is that classic template for an interesting pop star: the misfit who found his way into the mainstream.

Too Australian for America, too American for Australia, and too openly gay for both, his peripatetic upbringing was, by all accounts, a solitary one.

This is what lends the song its delicious flavour of existential torment.