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Then I heard that her husband had had a severe manic episode during which he drained all the funds from their joint account and she subsequently kicked him out.(One common symptom of mania is having grandiose ideas, which often leads to irrational and excessive spending.) When I heard this story, I felt genuine compassion.

Often, when I hear her music, I can’t help but think of Jane and our long-lost friendship.

With the high anticipation for her third studio album to come by late January 2007, Norah Jones sure finds no difficulty at all to once again draw a large portion of media attention as she did before through her two previous records. S., the multi-talented artist even has already been attached to pop up on NBC's The Today Show on date 29 the same month to then mark the first day of February with a live performance also interview on both CHUM Television's "BT-Breakfast Television" and "A-Channel Morning." Fast-forwards to spring, she next will participate at the 38th annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in the April 27-29 bill alongside Rod Stewart and Van Morrison, to name few, before entering summer to see her acting vehicle My Blueberry Nights come to theaters by June 22.

A down-to-earth figure who successfully creates her own niche in music scene by perfectly blending country, blues, folk, and jazz to stand out as an extraordinary crossover artist, Norah Jones was born Geetali Norah Jones Shankar on March 30, 1979 in New York City, New York to Indian sitar maestro Ravi Shankar and former dancer Sue Jones.

Winner of the award “Young Hollywood Awards” in 2003.

Fame came to Mandy Moore in the early 2000s, years after the release of albums So Real, I Wanna Be with You, Mandy Moore and Coverage, focused on a teenage audience. ” and “American Dreamz” Moore played the role of “bad girls”, in contrast to the roles in the previous films.

It seemed like poetic justice to the red devil on my right shoulder and, simultaneously, terribly tragic and heartbreaking to the kind angel hovering over my left.

Regardless, Jane and her husband reconciled and had a baby boy who is just a few months younger than my daughter. The whole thing is clearly and unapologetically about how she dealt when her boyfriend dumped her for a 22 year old named Miriam.In 2002 Moore began her acting career starring in the title role in the movie “A Walk to Remember”. Currently plays a major role, Rebecca Pearson in the TV series “This Is Us”.Early years Mandy Moore was born in Orlando, Florida in the family of Stacy and Don Moore.Raised in Grapevine, the suburb of Dallas, Texas, after relocating south with her mother at the age of four, it was soon apparent to everyone that she inherited her father's profound love for music if looking on her attitude toward Sue's extensive album collections, especially that coming from Billie Holiday."My mom had this eight-album Billie Holiday set, I picked out one disc that I liked and played that over and over again," she recalled.We were both single, both elementary school teachers and both content to hang out, smoke a bowl, drink wine and watch DVDs, as we were in our late twenties and fed up with the bar scene.

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