Who is niki manaj dating

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Who is niki manaj dating

Honored to act along side @i Jesse Williams in this new @hm commercial.

It’s having a purpose outside any man.” One doesn’t have to look any further than her bravado verses on “Anaconda” to see that Minaj is winning the game that male artists have been playing for decades: using men as status symbols and sex objects, and dumping them the second they get in her way.

People said, ‘They’re not together.’ We were getting anonymous messages saying, ‘She wasn’t with him.

She was crying all day.’ They put up all these things.

A relationship in and of itself is difficult but when two high profile stars become an item things often feel impossible.

In the time of paparazzi on every corner and any actions you make having the ability to be tweeted out in an instant, the rapper admits dating Minaj has been no easy feat.

Meanwhile, we were really in bed all day on Valentine’s Day.”What did this little social media maneuver illuminate for Minaj?

“That made me realize that no matter how great your life is, you can’t impress people,” she continued.For one, it hasn’t been all double-dates with Jay and Bey and beautiful sunset nights spent sipping Myx Moscato and listening to acoustic versions of “Only.” Meek and Nicki have hit their fair share of rough patches.Back in May, rumors spread that the duo was on the rocks after Minaj stopped wearing the diamond-on-diamond ring Meek bought her, and started posting a series of Instagrams of the “strong independent woman who don’t need no man” variety.When Minaj posted the above Instagram photo online, fans were in a frenzy over the meaning behind it. Plus, the fact that the two are wearing machine neck chains, definitely is a little suspect. News, Nas and Minaj were hanging out together Los Angeles to celebrate the opening of Nas’ West Coast expansion to his Sweet Chick line of eateries.Minaj and Nas’ connection goes back several years, as they played each other’s love interests in Minaj’s music video for her song “Right By My Side” in 2012.DRAKE, MEEK MILL'S SQUABBLE DOESN"T STACK UP TO THESE 5 LEGENDARY HIP HOP BEEFS "You want to be private with your girl once in a while," he tells the mag. When I do better than her, she still wins." NICKI MINAJ SHOWS OFF MASSIVE 0,000 DIAMOND RING, SPARKS RUMORS SHE'S ENGAGED TO MEEK MILL Being able to put his ego aside is one thing, but putting his jealousy is another.