Who is graham colton dating

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However, in an interview last October Norton said: ‘I’m very happy about turning 50.

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“The girl was two years older than me, and the guy was, I would say, around 16. Haynes did not elaborate on which came first, but did reveal he has slept with four women in his life.

in some ways he put them before me.’Patterson, a 30-year-old fashion consultant, spent two years sharing ‘everything’ with Norton, 50, who hosts the self-titled Friday night show watched by 4.5 million viewers, as well as the Eurovision Song Contest and a show on Radio 2.

In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, he reveals how he shared heavy drinking nights out with the star – a side of him at odds with the undisputed professionalism and drive which has taken him from a modest upbringing in County Cork to being one of the nation’s best-loved showbusiness personalities.‘He has a hard time winding down without drink.

They were introduced by mutual friends at a bar in Shoreditch, East London, in May 2011.

Trevor had arrived in London ten months earlier to work in software sales.

“After Colton said yes, the proposal continued with a fireworks display set to Bruno Mars’ Marry You as the couple danced in tears.” Haynes came out as gay last May.

Three months after breaking up with the presenter, whose effervescent personality and innuendo-laden comedy has dominated the BBC over the past decade – and helped him become one of its top earners – Patterson says: ‘There were four of us in the partnership.’He claims the comedian treats his dogs like the children he never had. They mean the world to him and were always his first love . Like so many fans, he was drawn to Norton’s flamboyant charm, which has allowed him to get away with making risque jokes on primetime television while remaining a firm favourite of middle-aged, middle-class viewers.It isn't until nearly halfway through the album that there is a standout tune, the dance rock-infused "Always in Love," which is catchy, if not particularly memorable.Dallas' Graham Colton Band got their first break as an opening act for Counting Crows, and on their debut album you can hear what attracted Adam Duritz & co. They are a straight-ahead guitar rock group, the two electric guitars ringing out over the propulsive rhythm section and dominating the sound, with Colton's acoustic guitar getting an audible strum here and there (and more than that on the occasional song intro) and his gruff, nasal voice cutting through.Since 2014 he has been signed by the San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles, Chargers again and Oakland Raiders practice squads, but then released.Free agent: Colton has has yet to make a regular season start in the NFL.The 28-year-old, who came out a year ago, said management invented relationships to convince people he wasn’t gay.