Who is edward norton dating right now

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Who is edward norton dating right now

At Yale he acted in in university productions alongside classmate Paul Giamatti.We discussed Norton’s appearance in Norton sent letters to Lee telling him how much he admired his work.

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If you are lucky enough, it leaves a lot of time to engage in other things and if you are engaged in other things that are really compelling or interesting or challenging to a different part of your brain or your personality, paradoxically it raises the threshold that a piece of work has to meet to interest you and pull you away from all that other stuff.When I walk into the interview he despairs at the state of media today, especially what he sees as the commodification of news and sports journalism.He’s on the side of journalists when he complains newspapers are less and less interested in longer, more in-depth, analytical articles, the kind he likes to read.I would cast a brilliant Pakistani, because that’s the most live incarnation of those frictions, and especially in the globalised world, and I think Audiard is tapping into all of them.” Having starred in films for more than 20 years, Norton has narrowed down the type of roles he wants to perform. He blames the gap on the fact that he was obsessed with getting the script perfect, and quips that he’s so slow that if he were ever to write a novel, he’d be 80 and talking about it being half-finished. “I just think that I’m less interested than I used to be in, like, exploring genre for the sake of it.He hasn’t signed on to do another movie, although he has been in discussion. I think I’ve had lots of fun working on what I would call genre pictures, heist pictures, cop thrillers and maybe you’re exercising your muscles in a certain way and trying to challenge yourself, but more and more I think I’ve just gotten more willing to wait for things that feel really strong as an attempt to make an original piece, or are expressing something that is really unique, or [are from] a film-maker that I really admire like Wes Anderson, or Alejandro Inarritu or Spike Lee.” Lovers of great acting will be hoping that the wait isn’t too long.He famously fought with director Tony Kaye over the cut of in this context and Norton lets out a small laugh before explaining: “Yeah, I think that, one of the things for lots of people is that it can be transitory, or at least it evolves.

You start to think at the beginning, when you are younger, you think that it’s more empowering to be able to communicate on a public forum and I think that as you get older, you realise that what you are trying to do is protect the authenticity of what you are doing, rather than trying to project things onto the world.”Norton is placatory about his past battles, and seems partially to blame himself for some of his public spats: “If you’re lucky, you get more at ease with the idea that you are just a small part of the world and maybe the ambition for any number of things, starts to settle a bit.” he also showed several sides of a split personality. Now he has mellowed, but he is also more choosy about the choice of roles.

At the time Norton had already established himself as one of the world’s leading actors, following up his Oscar-nominated debut in . “He said relationships are hard work and you have to keep redefining them.” Clearly these words have struck a chord, because the description that Norton gives of Springsteen could today be applied to the actor himself: Norton brought his Canadian film producer wife, Shauna Robertson, and their son to the Locarno Film Festival, where the actor picked up a career achievement award.

He’s also more than fulfilling his quota of being human, having helped set up Crowdrise, a not-for-profit crowd-funding website for those raising funds for charitable causes, as well as being on the board of an affordable-housing scheme, and is supporting several environmental causes. Last year he was elected the chairman of the board of trustees for Signature Theatre, the not-for-profit arts organisation that gave Norton his first high-profile Off-Broadway role in Edward Albee’s , in 1993.

I’m blown away and inspired by them and I think they are amazing, so I wrote him a letter.

So I’m just saying, when people feed back, the message is received.”This is said without Norton having yet watched Audiard’s Palme d’Or winner .

He still sends letters to directors he admires, a trait he says makes him understand why fans want to come up to him and chat.

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