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"Blood in My Eyes," meant to convey lust, sounds medical.

(1985) Producer Arthur Baker should be tried for crimes against music, burying some good songs in appalling '80s synths and drums. The outlier is "Brownsville Girl," a stunning collaboration with Sam Shepard. (1970) Dylan said he made this album to get the hippies off his lawn, which didn't work. "Mississippi" is Dylan's greatest song of the new millennium, getting bleaker all the time. (1997) Dylan nearly died of heart disease in '97, and when he didn't, this return to songwriting after seven years was greeted like a miracle. "Idiot Wind" lashes out against all idiocy, but Dylan makes himself the idiot in the end.Dylan wrote the anguished "Boots of Spanish Leather" about her departure."Boots of Spanish Leather" Rotolo returned having read a memoir by Pablo Picasso's muse Françoise Gilot, and being alarmed by the resonances she recognized with Dylan. Dylan describes their breakup in "Ballad in Plain D," in a raw and injured lyric he would later regret, saying, "I must have been a real schmuck to write that." "Ballad in Plain D" Unbeknownst to Rotolo, Dylan was already seeing Joan Baez, who he'd met in 1962.He nails every track, as if he were strumming in Washington Square. (1978) Dylan's last pre-Christian album has some powerful songs haphazardly recorded. "You're Gonna Quit Me" is the ultimate guilt trip. (1993) All folk, with the weight of the world very apparent, this album uses the downward spiral of the Earth as an excuse for being no good. "Gotta Serve Somebody" doesn't quite convince; "Gonna Change My Way of Thinking" is more like it, hypnotic and compelling. (1969) Decades before alt-country, many found this uncool, but "Lay Lady Lay" was a deserving hit, not to mention the Johnny Cash duet "Girl from the North Country," and a crooning vocal delivery that wouldn't last long. (1980) Dylan's most hardcore salvation album went as deep into Gospel as he would ever get; the title track testifies with the insistent beat of the church chorus. He could fit into mine, but I couldn't fit into his.

I had to sit in the hotel waiting for him to come back.High points are tracks from a performance at the Isle of Wight Festival with The Band, and the pirate anthem "Days of '49." Listen: "Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)" MP3 27. (2006) This album hit number one on the chart, but ripped off enough old blues songs to be tried for grand larceny. "Love Sick" can't even be sullied by its use in a Victoria's Secret commercial. (1963) This is where Dylan became Dylan, leaving obscurity behind forever. (1965) Dylan goes electric on side one, but gets visionary on acoustic side two. "Tangled Up in Blue" tangles memory, love, and pain, and manages to squeeze in a nod to Petrarch, too. (1962) Dylan has said that he regretted his debut shortly after recording it, but "Song to Woody" opened the songwriting genie, and "Baby, Let Me Follow You Down" is worth following. (1990) This slipshod effort that makes more sense when you learn that Dylan was writing nursery rhymes for his four-year-old daughter. Still, "Ain't Talkin'," the spooky closer, is a masterpiece, with dashes of Ovid thrown in. (1992) Thirty years later, Dylan delivered the kind of traditional folk album people expected in 1961. At twenty-one-years old, he opens with "Blowin' in the Wind" and leaves scorched earth with "Don't Think Twice." "Hard Rain" roars out a warning. (1965) Dylan imagines God and Abraham tussling at folk's highway, and begins with a song called "Like a Rolling Stone." "How does it feel? "It's Alright Ma" contains everything you wanted to say ever, and "Baby Blue" bids farewell to folk. Brains go a hell of a long way." One of Dylan's more high-profile connections in this period was with Edie Sedgwick (right).Sedgwick was infatuated with Dylan, while Dylan was leery of the world of celebrity represented by Andy Warhol and warned Sedgwick away away from her association with the artist.Dylan had started seeing Lownds while still with Baez, and quickly fell in love.

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