Who is amanda peet dating

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Who is amanda peet dating

If you were alive in 2006, then you were an Amanda Peet fan.

The two, who were all about being called “partners in crime,” joked that Peet had to fight to be Paulson’s date. Clearly, their love for each other is real; they even shared a peck on the red carpet.

We love how affectionate Paulson and Peet are, and how it’s totally NBD for them to hold hands and kiss.

We totally love Sarah Paulson and Amanda Peet’s friendship.

They’re clearly so loving and supportive, and the pinnacle of #Friendship Goals.

We’re truly glad that the Golden Globes had so many examples of women lifting each other up this year, and these BFFs were a big part of that!

When she was not acting up, she was acting; she played Juliet in her high school production of Romeo and Juliet, and decided on that balcony set, she would be an actress.

She won rave reviews and a Theater World Award for her 1991 performance off-Broadway in Absent Friends with Brenda Blethyn.

It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. And then on Sunday night — almost exactly one year after the events of 2015 unfolded — another strange thing happened, this one even stranger than the one before: We’re reopening the case.

And if you met Amanda Peet prior to 2006, and started dating her, and were talking about dating her to your friends — well, you wouldn’t say, “I’ve started to date this wonderful woman named Amanda.” No.

Because — think about how often we see a headline about an extremely accomplished woman that reduces that woman to being “so and so’s wife.” Like: , and — when it comes time to give thanks — realizing that the world, even in this moment of glory, does not revolve around him. She is the only reason in the world that She is Amanda Fucking Peet — and I think this is David Benioff drawing a line in the sand and declaring that she never, ever shouldn’t be recognized as such.

Realizing that yeah, he has a wife — but she is not “David Benioff’s wife.” She is not — or at least not just — Amanda. Official theory for why David Benioff calls Amanda Peet “Amanda Peet”: true love.

Benioff’s Peet fandom precedes his Peet husband-om … Amanda Peet’s presence was simply a pretext for the initiation of the deactivation phrase, and insurance that it would go undetected. Easy: [REDACTED] on the other side of [REDACTED] until [REDACTED] [REDACTED].