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Once someone decides to do this, there is no follow up.'If I had decided to do it, there would be no follow up.

The organization believes the overall figure to be much higher. Some see providing the choice to the dying as a logical evolution in a medical care system advanced in helping people live longer but limited in preventing slow, painful deaths.

Hanson previously said: 'After a state adopts pro-assisted suicide legislation, insurance companies can deny coverage to patients seeking life saving treatment.

'Given Callister's refusal to supply any proof to support his claims, we are extremely skeptical whether any of what he claims ever happened.' Dr Callister has teamed up with cancer survivor, J. Hanson, 36, (pictured with his wife) who was originally given four months to live in 2014.

Hanson said his fate could have been different if assisted suicide was legal in New York at the time of his bleak diagnosis Hanson, a former Marine, has defied the odds and is a three-year survivor of glioblastoma.

Although Hanson, a former Marine, was given bleak odds, he is in year three after his diagnosis, going through multiple surgeries, treatment and clinical trials.

Hanson admitted he went through a brief period of depression and fears his fate would have been different if legal suicide was available in New York at the time.This marks the first publicly released data on how the practice is playing out in the nation's most populous state.The number represents only those who have contacted Compassion & Choices, an advocacy group that provides information on the process. How the new law is utilized in trend-setting California could provide a window into what would happen if the practice spreads nationwide.Maynard's home state, California, legalized a similar law in June 2016, and at least 504 terminally ill Californians have requested a prescription for life-ending drugs since then.Under California's law, patients must be given six months or less to live, make two verbal requests within 15 days of each other and submit a written request.It comes down to resources for the insurance companies and government insurance providers.' Assisted suicide is currently legal in Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Albania, Colombia and Japan.