Weddings dating and love customs of cultures worldwide including royalty

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Weddings dating and love customs of cultures worldwide including royalty

“Often there’s the awkward situation of the bachelor and bachelorette party falling on the same day so they both have to fool each other.” Don’t be alarmed if the bride and groom kiss other people on their wedding day.

To be sure, the postmodern fairy tale wedding also took some attention away from some uncomfortable royal scandals, including headlines about Prince Carl Philip, Victoria's brother, who called off a long-time relationship in order to date a reality-TV show star.“According to the old tradition the engagement rings are plain wedding bands and then the wedding ring is the one with the stone,” says Gink “But now it’s getting more and more common for the bride to get a diamond solitaire ring at engagement, so the traditions have changed a bit.” In the UK – and especially in the US – it’s typical to have a maid of honour or best man in charge of a large pack of bridesmaids and groomsmen and a bunch of logistical duties.In Sweden there are often just one or two bridesmaids (brudtärna) and groomsmen (marskalkar).“The bridesmaids or groomsmen will often plan a whole day or weekend where they surprise the groom and kidnap him.Normally the other partner knows that this will happen and will lie to make sure that they are in the right place at the right time.Swedish weddings tend to drag on a bit due to the amount of speeches.

The first speech is typically a short toast to the bride during the champagne mingle before the dinner, known as the Brudskål.Hundreds of dukes, earls, kings, and princesses descended on Stockholm in recent days, many by yacht.After the wedding, the newlyweds made their way by horse and carriage to a wedding reception hosted by her father, Carl Gustav, whose lineage dates back to when Prince Jean-Baptise Bernadotte of France (renamed Karl Johan) became the monarch in 1810, after Sweden lost the Finnish War in 1809.While in the UK or America men and women usually know when their stag do (or bachelor party) or hen party (bachelorette bash) is — or even plan part of it themselves — in Sweden they’ll often be caught completely unawares.Typically in Sweden, this involves the groom or bride being kidnapped by their friends.Here's to allowing commoners into the gene pool," writes Johnny Gotham on Twitter.

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