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If you have these addresses in your database, you probably also know that delivery issues at Terra tend to be difficult to resolve – so maybe there is a bit of a silver lining in the closures yet.

Orange offers mobile phone and mobile internet service.

The past month has seen some major happenings in the world of Freemail providers: UK provider EE finalized their closure of Orange email services – which included long-time freemail domains uk and uk – and br announced the end of their freemail service.

Orange had been heralding the May 31 closure date for a few months, recommending their users switch to Gmail, while Terra has given July 1 as the end date for their services.

Freeserve will continue to be run by its chief executive John Pluthero, who will join the executive committee of the enlarged group. Analyst Peter Misek of Chase H&Q expressed "disapointment" at the company's valuation "as there is no merger premium", although he added that the merger made "strategic sense".

Nicholas Dufourcq, chairman and chief executive of Wanadoo, said: "I think together we could cause some pain to our competitors." Chase estimates that the offer values Freeserve at Eu1,200 per active subscriber, a discount compared with the European average of Eu2,000.

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Wanadoo SA provided internet services and related activities.However, the tie-up, which creates Europe's second largest internet group, was coolly received in the financial markets.Shares in Freeserve and its 79pc shareholder electrical retailer Dixons both fell, as the City was disappointed with the relatively small merger premium on offer.Shares in Freeserve dropped 8.25 to 133p, while Dixons shares fell 16 to 235p. The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?The firm has offices in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Morocco.