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Hynek Blasko, Jakub's father, expressed indignation that human rightsgroups were putting the rights of criminals ahead of those of victims."My personal tragedy is that my son is in heaven, and he is nevercoming back, and all I have left of him is 1.5 kilograms of ashes," hesaid in an interview.

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The news article below touches on 2 topics in TS politics.1) Whether sterilisation should be a pre-requisite for transition.2) Eugenics."Ales Butala, a Slovenian human rights lawyer who led the Council of Europe's delegation to the Czech Republic, argued that surgicalcastration was unethical, since it was not medically necessary anddeprived castrated men of the right to reproduce.He also challengedits effectiveness, saying that the council's committee had discoveredthree cases of castrated Czech sex offenders who had gone on to commitviolent crimes, including pedophilia and attempted murder.In its report, the committee also said that it had found cases offirst-time, nonviolent offenders who had been surgically castrated,including mentally retarded men and exhibitionists.Although theprocedure is voluntary, Butala said that he believed some offendersfeel they have no choice."Sex offenders are requesting castration in hope of getting releasedfrom a life of incarceration," he said. "But government health officials and some Czech psychiatrists counterthat castration can be effective and argue that, by seeking to outlawthe practice, the council is putting potential victims at risk. Martin Holly, a leading sexologist and psychiatrist who isdirector of the Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice in Prague, said none ofthe nearly 100 sex offenders who had been physically castrated hadcommitted further offenses.International Herald Tribune, France Europeans debate castration of sex offenders By Dan Bilefsky Wednesday, March 11, 2009PRAGUE: Pavel remembers the violent night sweats two days before the murder.

He went to see a family doctor, who said they would go away. His psychiatrist says Pavel derived sexual pleasure from the violence. Pavel, then 18, spent seven years in prison and five years in a psychiatric institution.Moreover, hesaid, the procedure is undertaken only with the informed consent ofthe patient and with the approval of an independent committee ofpsychiatric and legal experts.Jaroslav Novak, chief of urology at the Faculty Hospital Na Bulovce in Prague, said: "This is not a very common procedure.In ancient China, eunuchs were trusted to serve the imperial familyinside the palace grounds; in Italy several centuries ago, youthfulmale choir members were castrated to preserve their high singingvoices.These days it can also be used to treat testicular cancer and someadvanced cases of prostate cancer.Other psychiatricexperts argue that sexual pathology is in the brain and cannot becured by surgery.

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    But Delapoer told The Gazette-Times police broke the case once, 'there was some additional information provided by a former student that led to more explicit evidence – evidence of electronic communications that were inappropriate as well as some physical contact.'The student, who spoke anonymously, told the paper he was called into the office at South Albany and told his name was on a list of six students' names Hyre had given investigators who allegedly sold prescription medication to the librarian.