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The city is known for its Danish colonial architecture, building structure and history, and a dozen streets and places throughout the city have Danish names.Charlotte Amalie has buildings of historical importance including St.

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Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.

The Danish West India Company chartered Charlotte Amalie in 1671 after King Christian V decided to secure them for plantations.

As early as in 1672, the Danish government began the construction of Fort Christian on Saint Thomas Harbor in Charlotte Amalie.

Protected by Hassel Island, the harbor has docking and fueling facilities, machine shops, and shipyards and was a U. In 2010 the city had a population of 18,481, which makes it the largest city in the Virgin Islands Archipelago.

Hundreds of ferries and yachts pass through town each week, and at times the population more than doubles.

In 1680, there were more black African slaves than white European settlers.

Adjacent Water and Buck Islands served as pasture lands for the city, and Taphus was renamed Charlotte Amalie in 1691 after King Christian V's wife.

The American Revolution in the 1770s was good news for the city, as it was thriving times for the local businessfolk and the town begun to be filled by immigrants from Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, most of them from other islands of the Lesser Antilles.

By 1778, the Danish government had strengthened their military position by building Bluebeard’s Castle and Blackbeard's Castle, lookout towers on the crests of the two hills by the city.

The slight couldn’t hamper the city’s growth, as merchants profiteered in arms and rum trades to belligerent countries.

In 1764, Charlotte Amalie was declared a free port by king Frederick V, and the town became the busiest harbor in the Caribbean.

Thomas Synagogue, the second-oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, and Frederick Lutheran Church, the oldest Lutheran church in the Western Hemisphere. Another tourist attraction is Fort Christian, the oldest standing structure in the Virgin Islands Archipelago.

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