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But the meat of Home is in the public spaces where you and dozens of other players can run around, chat with each other, and explore.There's a bowling alley where you can knock down pins or shoot pool with your fellow gamer.

you really start to feel like you know this person.

The meat in the man sandwich Besides the dancing, the other thing a visitor to Home can’t help but notice is the ratio of men to women … And my avatar (as close an approximation of myself as I could get) isn’t especially hot either. But one guy did ask me, “Is that the serial # to your booty?

and the caveman-like behavior this inequity seems to inspire. But she is a in Home, you will certainly not suffer from a lack of attention, wanted or not. ” I witnessed one guy tell a group of dudes crowding around a particularly attractive female avatar. ” During a visit to one of the hidden “Drake’s Fortune” rooms, another woman and I struck up a conversation.

A visit to Sony's new virtual world may leave you scratching your head. Yes, they will perform any and all of these dance moves in very close proximity to your avatar and with great persistence.

On a recent evening, more than 20 players could be found lining up in Home's central plaza performing the running man dance. If there's one thing that Sony's new Home experience proves, it's that if you give people an opportunity to interact with each other in an almost totally anonymous virtual world, they will do one of two things: A) Act like creeps B) Dance like they've never danced before OK. Last Thursday, Sony launched the open beta for Home – a 3-D virtual world that anyone who owns a Play Station 3 can visit for free.

For example, there's Sully's Bar – an atmospheric watering hole from the game "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune” that doesn't have a drop of virtual booze but does have some locked doors that can be opened if you sleuth your way through the clues scattered ‘round the place (or, easier yet, if you do a Google search for the unlock codes).

The locked doors lead to other "Uncharted" themed rooms – all of this designed to provide some entertainment … Do the locomotion Buser says they initially gave the avatars the ability to perform a few dance moves, thinking it would be sort of like giving them emoticons.It is here that you'll find your fellow Home visitors discussing important topics like the tenuous state of Russia/Georgia relations or the pros and cons of a billion auto industry bailout. You’ll find them dancing the salsa around the chess players in the mall.You’ll find them doing the cabbage patch behind a rusted out train in the “Far Cry 2” themed space.Players of “Second Life” and “World of Warcraft” have seen it all before.“Just like the real world, there’s always going to be trouble makers,” Buser says, pointing out that Home is a heavily moderated space and that there are a number of ways to prevent harassment – you can block annoying players and report them to Sony.And that was our hope – to enable people to form deep relationships." to represent you in this virtual world.

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    Despite being one of the youngest and one of the few women in the group, Rebecca quickly establishes herself among the most candid.