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In an attempt to improve sales of the album, a shorter and heavily edited version of "River Deep - Mountain High" was released as single exclusively in the United States and Canada in February 1969, with "Listen, Learn, Read On" as the B-side.

Even the release of the new single "Emmaretta" and new dates in their home country in the summer of 1969 did not increase the album sales or the popularity of Deep Purple in the UK.

" with producer Derek Lawrence and sound engineer Brian Aintsworth, who had both worked on their previous album.

Tetragrammaton's advance of 0,000 had been used to book two weeks in the studio, a time which covered songwriting, rehearsals and recording sessions.

Under pressure, the musicians eventually came up with four lengthy original compositions, but to fill up the new album they reworked and expanded three cover songs, following again the example of the American band Vanilla Fudge, The second cover was "River Deep – Mountain High", a single released by Ike & Tina Turner in 1966.

Finally, the 1965 Beatles song "We Can Work It Out" was chosen after Paul Mc Cartney himself had reportedly expressed appreciation for Deep Purple's version of "Help!

Evans took inspiration for the fantasy-themed "Listen, Learn, Read On", which contains lyrical reference to the album's title, from the 14th-century Welsh manuscript Book of Taliesin, a collection of poems attributed to the 6th-century poet Taliesin.

The original cover was drawn in pen, ink and color by the British illustrator and author John Vernon Lord, who coincidentally appears to share the same name as Deep Purple's keyboard player.This setback did not hinder the success of the three months long US tour, when the band played in many important venues and festivals and received positive feedback from audience and press.On the contrary, Deep Purple were still an underground band which played in small clubs and colleges in the United Kingdom, largely ignored by media and public.On 19 August, they concluded these sessions with the recording of "Kentucky Woman" and of the heavy and up-tempo instrumental "Wring That Neck", which came out from a tight collaboration between Blackmore and bass player Nick Simper.The name "Wring That Neck" comes from a phrase the band used when they were playing live, describing the bassist or guitarist really bursting at their instruments to create a hard noise (i.e., squeezing, or "wringing", the neck of the guitar)."Anthem" is perhaps the band's deepest venture into classical music on a regular studio album, with its baroque style interlude reminiscent of a Bach fugue written by Lord and performed using Mellotron and string quartet.

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