Validating written work excuses

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Recall the details of Rousseau’s self-described worst confession, the incident of Marion and the stolen ribbon (pp. He writes that his “conscience is still weighed down” by the event decades later, that its “bitter knowledge, far from fading, becomes more painful with the years,” and goes so far as to suggest that the need to confess it specifically (he claims to have never told anyone before) “has greatly contributed to the decision I have taken to write my confessions” (pp. She does soon die, and Rousseau, having been so recently hired, is not on the official list of staff and is thus not to be left anything (the other servants were each left a year’s wages, he tells us).

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De Man’s first formulation here is, it seems to me, more accurate than his second.At least implicitly, Rousseau’s autobiography is already essentially modern, abandoning as it does the epistemological structure of the confession for the performative one of the excuse.This leads de Man to give up on any notion of us as responsible or hermeneutic beings: he argues that signifiers are detached from signifieds, and that we are finally manifestations of language, not users of it.Eventually she cries, but she refuses to counterattack Rousseau.“The contrast between her moderation and my decided tone worked against her,” Rousseau writes, drawing attention as he so often does to the problem of reading the relationship between inner sentiments and outer expression (p. No further evidence is available, and so no final judgment is reached.She was on my mind, and I simply used as an excuse the first object that presented itself to me.

I accused her of doing what I wanted to do, and of having given me the ribbon, because my intention had been to give it to her. 84) Rousseau suggests that this revelation of goodwill, of good intentions, excuses his otherwise hideous-seeming behavior.Stating that one feels guilty and detailing the previously unspoken or even repressed story that gives rise to that guilt is a movement from the subjective to the objective.This is obscured if we speak simply of good and evil (potentially objective) and not feelings or self-judgments of good and evil (guilt, shame, pride, and so forth).In religious confession, one confesses to a priest or to god.In a non-theistic context, we talk of disburdening oneself of guilt by telling someone, anyone, the truth.In his “Excuses (Confessions),” de Man rereads this event and Rousseau’s telling of it (pp. He distinguishes between the structure of a confession and the structure of an excuse.

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