Validating employment tests

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Validating employment tests

Practices that appear unbiased on the surface may also be illegal if they yield discriminatory results—that is, if they have adverse impact.

Even though there appears to be nothing discriminatory about the practice—or perhaps even about the intent—the policy could have an adverse impact on minorities.First, however, let’s consider a legal issue that is closely connected to validity: employment discrimination.Avoiding Discrimination Charges It is illegal--and a poor business practice--to discriminate on the basis of such .The Americans with Disabilities Act is likely to cause an increase in the number of job opportunities for disabled individuals.A systematic selection approach, one where applicants have the chance to demonstrate their skills, is more likely to help you meet the requirements of this law.(5) Refrain from hasty assumptions that uncoordinated movement or slurred speech are the result of intoxication.

(6) Use slower speed but a normal tone of voice to speak with someone with a hearing impairment (no need to shout).A selection process is valid if it helps you increase the chances of hiring the right person for the job.It is possible to evaluate hiring decisions in terms of such valued outcomes as high picking speed, low absenteeism, or a good safety record.Instead of treating people with disabilities differently, where one might make assumptions about who can or cannot do a job, all applicants have the same opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.In some instances, applicants with disabilities may ask for specific accommodations.Such a practice would constitute disparate treatment.

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