Updating with global variable in autosys

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Updating with global variable in autosys - usher and naomi campbell dating

CCASYS is a system file used in conjunction with Dictionary/204 and the Subsystem Management facility (SUBSYSMGMT).

The command can provide some information about the storage usage of these features.Immediately following this control information is data that is loaded into NTBL, QTBL, STBL, and VTBL.If this table data does not extend to an extra CCATEMP page beyond the control information, the APSY load is counted as a tiny load.Set up backup and restore jobs to handle all files at once.If need be, you can set up a separate backup job for CCASYS to run with the files. Synchronize recovery of CCASYS and Dictionary files.For instructions on reorganizing CCASYS and Dictionary files, refer to Dictionary/204 operation and file maintenance.

You must be a system manager to run the Subsystem Management facility, as well as having privileges defined in the DICTIONARY to use SUBSYSMGMT.

(Refer to the DICTADMIN subsystem to add privileges.) To use the Subsystem Management facility and to run any user-written subsystem, the CCASYS file must be open.

parameter setting includes the X'01' bit (see JCL requirements on this page). During the process of defining a subsystem, the lock is changed to exclusive mode for the duration of the session.

If the APSY precompiled procedures in storage feature is used, or CCASERVR In Storage is used with page-oriented data movement ( X'01' set), then certain large server tables and servers themselves are page-aligned.

This might require up to five extra hardware pages of real and virtual storage per server, although more typically it requires about three extra pages or 12K bytes per server.

This statistic is maintained because tiny APSY loads are not worth saving in dataspaces, so it must be considered when comparing APSYLDD with APSYLD in determining which percentage of pre-compiled procedures are being loaded from dataspaces. This sets the size of the global variable table (GTBL).

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