Updating sky viewing card

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Updating sky viewing card

about 5 or so years ago, we did something with Sky which claimed we would be given a Sky box but it never turned up and after a few years of trying we gave up.We don't have a HD TV or Subscription and have no interest in it BUT should be able to use it as a Sky box as far as my understanding goes.

Insat International can supply Freesat cards to anywhere in Europe. You will not remember but you have always been a brilliant help to us when we had problems.

To those using expired subscription cards (or FSFS cards older than 3 years) it probably does!

If you are a Sky subscriber, please visit Home - Sky Viewing Help for details..

Once you place your order with Insat, your Freesat card will be dispatched to you, but if you require your Freesat card urgently, we can dispatch your Freesat card via UPS Express delivery.

Of late, a friend is moving away and gave us his old Sky HD box.

You may see ‘Your Sky box is still initialising, please return in a short time to use this feature’ if you’ve turned your Sky box off and back on. Another message you could see is ‘Initialising new viewing card, please wait’ if you have a new or replacement viewing card, if your Sky box has been off for a long time, or if the viewing card has been removed and re-inserted.

If your Sky box has frozen on either of these messages, see the suggestions below.

Problem is you're not keen on signing up to Sky for 12 months because you only want good old terrestrial TV - no problem.

For a one-off payment of £59.99 (includes free delivery to ANYWHERE in Europe) we can provide you with Sky's new Freesat viewing card which will decrypt Channel 4 and Five (all BBCs and ITVs are free-to-air and DO NOT require a viewing card.

If you are driving to wherever you go then I would have suggested a Freesat twin tuner PVR such as a Humax Fox Sat or similar, as that could easily hold enough video to cover the period mentioned, and all you would require to do is to take the unit with you, plugging it into your TV at your destination, Satellite inputs being left unconnected of course.

(I actually do this when I go away rather than rely on TV programmes) If however you are travelling by air etc then you really have no choice but to use DVD's, and you should look along the lines of devices like Panasonics DMR-XS380EBK, this being a Freesat HD twin tuner DVD recorder with a hard drive, this records programmes directly onto its hard drive like a PVR, then you can transfer them onto the built in DVD, although this only in normal definition, not in HD.

Your Sky box is still initialising, please return in a short time to use this feature Please note: You may need to wait a few additional minutes to use Search or the TV Guide.

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