Updating rhel 4

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Plans and health care clearinghouses are also affected by HITECH, along with their business associates and certain vendors of HIT.

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Every entity covered under the HITECH Act has to review its information systems and infrastructure to ensure compliance with the law.

Do you really want to be running bleeding edge like that?

I think even Fedoras development version is still running 2.2 (which is generally who gets bleeding edge first).

The base install of Cent OS is built with the idea of stability in mind over getting the latest version.

See For this reason, Apache 2.4 is not available via the standard yum repositories.

This guidance further clarified the liabilities for breaches of patients' unsecured personal health information (PHI) incurred by covered entities and business associates liabilities.

Specifically, covered entities must notify each individual whose unsecured PHI has been, or is reasonably believed by the covered entity to have been, accessed, acquired, used or disclosed as a result of such breach.

Furthermore: That last standard from HHS has proven controversial because of the amount of subjectivity involved on the part of the breached entity.

The Federal Trade Commission, however, has adopted a more conservative standard for healthcare privacy when it comes to data breach notifications.

The HITECH Act outlines two main goals: The act relies on a combination of carrots and sticks to promote those efforts.

Financial incentives include grant programs to help pay for IT infrastructure, electronic health records technology and training.

The initiative will also result in the compilation of vast amounts of data that could be used for research and performance measurement, among other things.