Updating php on windows

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I would like to know how you upgrade PHP in Xampp for Windows?I tried to download the latest PHP version from the main PHP site but when I check (phpinfo) I still get that the previous version is still in use.

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Once you’ve done this, you should have a folder set up like this: Once you’ve done all this, follow the reverse of Step 2 to restart Easy PHP, Apache and My SQL – you can right click on the taskbar icon at the bottom and click start, or again go into and start the services manually.However, if you’ve installed Apache and My SQL as windows services, this may not work for you, permissions depending.If this is the case, go ahead and hit file with any new configuration settings needed by your new version of PHP.=5.6.4 but your PHP version (5.5.12) does not satisfy that requirement.I'm using WAMP which runs php version 7.0.4 this is also confirmed in the browser if I echo the php version.Before we start, there are a few things worth mentioning.

During this process, I will be upgrading from PHP 5.5.8 to 5.6.16 which are both VC11 builds, so I could be sure I had the Visual C Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 x86 or x64 installed, so there wouldn’t be any problems there.

I renamed my current XAMPP at C:\XAMPP to C:\XAMPP ORIG so that I could install the newest version of XAMPP at C:\XAMPP but still have my app's data and original version in case something went.

I was scared after I installed the newest XAMPP and saw that it "overwrote" my XAMPP ORIG - on my C: drive, there was only C:\XAMPP - but relieved when my htdocs and mysql\data was in the new, updated version of XAMPP.

Easy PHP will remain free, is just the modules for customisation that are now under the subscription model.

However, if you only want to update your PHP version to any in specific, just follow the steps below.

I thought it was perfectly clear for anyone who uses xampp...