Updating perl

09-Apr-2017 01:54 by 10 Comments

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[yes] Fetching with LWP: Going to read /home/bhaskar/.cpan/sources/authors/01gz ............................................................................

Then I go poke through the /usr/local/lib/perl5 directory, and see if any files are still there that shouldn't be.

PL IPC-Cmd-0.60/README IPC-Cmd-0.60/Warning (usually harmless): 'YAML' not installed, will not store persistent state CPAN.pm: Going to build B/BI/BINGOS/IPC-Cmd-0.60gz Checking if your kit is complete...

Looks good Writing Makefile for IPC:: Cmd Could not read '/home/bhaskar/.cpan/build/IPC-Cmd-0.60-Vztkd8/META.yml'.

It doesn't seem to find anything to move anymore. Also, it looks like it's not provided in the ports anymore.

I'll admit, it's not something I've given much attention.

I did have that problem on one system upgrade, but I botched the upgrade in a variety of other ways so I thought it was just me.

It's possible this actually broke though - it was always a somewhat hackish solution.PL Archive-Extract-0.44/CPAN: File:: Temp loaded ok (v0.18) Warning (usually harmless): 'YAML' not installed, will not store persistent state CPAN.pm: Going to build B/BI/BINGOS/Archive-Extract-0.44gz Checking if your kit is complete...Looks good Warning: prerequisite IPC:: Cmd 0.42 not found. Writing Makefile for Archive:: Extract Could not read '/home/bhaskar/.cpan/build/Archive-Extract-0.44-JW5y Uq/META.yml'.would be the cheap and easy way to do this, but that would probably spend hours rebuilding things that don't actually need to be rebuilt.This way is probably a lot faster, but it is a lot more work and requires a little bit more fiddling.Use portmaster or portupgrade to force a rebuild of all perl modules: does the trick for me.

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