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However, if you do not want to reprovision your server, you can update your kernel manually and install a RAID card driver from El Repo.

This page deals with the types, installation and issues related to kernel in PCLinux OS.

It is possible to automatically build and install the newly emerged kernel using Portage hooks.

While other approaches are also possible, the following is based on genkernel and gentoo-sources package.

I had "only" purge all the others kernels and a few days later, i have update (kernel 4.8.42 was released a week ago). #221 fixes some of the confusion since it shows more details about the package.

But I am pretty certain, 4.8 kernel updates are not coming through(even before I blacklisted 'linux' because of how annoying it was to be recommended 4.4 kernels constantly while on 4.8) this package (that way they are "hidden").

It is easy to make a backup of the current kernel configuration: The string (NEW) at the end of the line marks this option as new. If all new configuration options should be set to their recommended (i.e.

Left to the string in square brackets are the possible answers: Yes, no, module or ? default) values use For this step, follow the steps in the manual configuration article.After rebooting to 4.8 you will realise that the 4.8.0.-41 is still installed.As I noticed mintupdate suggest the updates to the current kernel selected while booting. I refresh mint Update and i have still kernel update from 4.4 series but I have and use only linux from 4.8 series.To deal with such changes of the configuration file, the configuration file of the old kernel needs to be converted to a configuration that can be used with the new kernel.This article shows how to make a new kernel from new kernel sources with converting the configuration file of the old kernel.The Kernel is the most important component of PCLinux OS.