Updating headers in ubuntu

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You need to open a command window and type to see all options. [Go Top] Q: What is the difference between "." and "*" outputed during training?

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Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 21(2005), 111-136, they have experimentally shown that the two methods give similar performance.So, if you specify -m near 2G, the memory will be exhausted. If you don't, you can try a software `tub' which can eliminate the 2G boundary for dynamic allocated memory. For the RBF kernel exp(-g |xi - xj|^2), if we calculate xi - xj first and then the norm square, there are 3n operations.Thus we consider exp(-g (|xi|^2 - 2dot(xi,xj) |xj|^2)) and by calculating all |xi|^2 in the beginning, the number of operations is reduced to 2n. For prediction we cannot do this so a regular subroutine using that 3n operations is needed. A comparison of methods for multi-class support vector machines , IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 13(2002), 415-425.Open "Microsoft Paint" (included in Windows) and press "ctrl-v." Then you can clip the part of picture which you want.For X windows, you can use the program "xv" or "import" to grab the picture of the svm-toy window. Hence you want to scale your data to between a small positive number and a number less than but very close to 1.However, numerically they may be slightly smaller than zero Then they are wrongly counted as training errors.

You can use a smaller stopping tolerance (by the -e option) to make this problem less serious.[Go Top] Q: How can I save images drawn by svm-toy?For Microsoft windows, first press the "print screen" key on the keyboard.The Linux kernel uses 3:1 split which means user space is 3G and kernel space is 1G. In svm.cpp, there are two subroutines for kernel evaluations: k_function() and kernel_function(). An example is "LIBSVM for string data" in LIBSVM Tools.Although there are 3G user space, the maximum dynamic allocation memory is 2G. The easiest solution is to switch to a 64-bit machine. If your machine supports Intel's PAE (Physical Address Extension), you can turn on the option HIGHMEM64G in Linux kernel which uses 4G:4G split for kernel and user space. The reason why we have two functions is as follows.You have pre-specified true positive rate in mind and then search for parameters which achieve similar cross-validation accuracy.

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