Updating hardware database

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These topics apply to all upgrades, regardless of upgrade method and will help you determine the most appropriate upgrade method: Rolling upgrade, new installation upgrade, or in-place upgrade.For example, you may not be able to perform an upgrade in-place or a rolling upgrade if you are upgrading the operating system, upgrading from SQL Server 2005, or upgrading from a 32-bit version of SQL Server.

See Back Up and Recovery for instructions for backup and recovery of Learn and the supporting database.

For this reason, a non-commercial self-signed certificate is not suitable for connecting to Safe Assign or Blackboard Cloud Services, which require a commercial Certificate Authority.

Auto CAD 2010, Auto CAD 2011, Auto CAD Architecture 2010, Auto CAD Architecture 2011, Auto CAD Civil 3D 2010, Auto CAD Civil 3D 2011, Auto CAD Electrical 2010, Auto CAD Electrical 2011, Auto CAD MEP 2010, Auto CAD MEP 2011, Auto CAD Map 3D 2010, Auto CAD Map 3D 2011, Auto CAD Mechanical 2010, Auto CAD Mechanical 2011, Auto CAD Plant 3D 2010, Auto CAD Raster Design 2010, Auto CAD Structural Detailing 2010, Auto CAD ecscad 2010, & Auto CAD ecscad 2011 Autodesk tests system hardware, graphics hardware and drivers for a number of Autodesk products and suites.

The following system activities can result in a crash related to a faulty or incorrect video driver: To correct a problem video driver on your system you should first update your certified hardware database to the latest version.

If a newer driver is available on the Auto CAD certified hardware site, you should uninstall your current driver and install the latest tested and certified driver.

Please note that not all Autodesk products participate in hardware certification.

Visit the Recommended Hardware & Drivers Site The current version of the Hardware Certification Database is

If using Portfolios and upgrading Blackboard Learn with an Oracle database, there is a risk on upgrading to the new Portfolios that will leave partially migrated Portfolios and possible duplicates of partially migrated portfolios.

Only personal Portfolios with no name are affected.

If your current driver says anything other than Software or Acad DM10.hdi, e.g., nvgl10.hdi, you should follow the instructions in Fatal errors in Auto CAD using the NVIDIA Performance Driver to switch your driver back to the Autodesk Driver. If your system shows you do not have the latest certified graphics card driver, you should go to the certification site to find and download the latest version.

To download the latest version, click on the name of the corresponding driver for your hardware and operating system.

It is important to review the change management documentation and plan an upgrade pathway to the new Outcomes Assessment building block Starting with the April 2014 release, Blackboard Learn requires TLS.