Updating directx drivers

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Updating directx drivers

Room setup: Obviously, you’ll need to clear your intended VR space of furniture, rugs, and any other tripping hazards.Keep in mind that your planned playspace doesn’t have to be as large as Lighthouse supports.

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That field of view is wide enough that you don't have to be positioned straight in front of it to use the Rift—in our experience, tracking is simple and reliable after simply placing the sensor on a desk pointed in our direction.

You don't need much space at all for the Rift: it ships with one sensor ideal for sitting or standing (mostly) still, and the Oculus Rift launch games are built around the Xbox One controller. And trust us, you want to—nothing sells the feeling of immersion more than walking in virtual reality.

Since the Oculus Rift has the simpler setup process, we'll start there.

Steam VR’s Lighthouse tracking system uses a pair of emitters to coat a room in lasers (don’t worry, they’re not lethal), letting you walk around with extremely precise positional tracking.

The base stations can cover a play area of about 4x3 meters, and need to be positioned above head height.

Keep in mind you'll need a second surface to place or mount this sensor to.

It uses a standard 1/4-20 thread (same as your average tripod) so you can easily attach the sensor to another mount.

If you have some bookshelves in your living room, those will probably be perfect mount points. Sensor setup: The Vive's Lighthouse sensors need to be placed in opposing corners to offer perfect tracking without the risk of occlusion.

From our experience, you can probably get away with the sensors not being mounted at at perfect diagonal; it'll just affect the size of your play space.

Also, we’re very jealous and would like to come hang out, please.

Right now the space requirements for Steam VR and the Oculus Rift differ significantly. It may require some real living room rearrangement if you plan on standing up and walking around.

A little while ago, my German Specialist SE End User Computing colleague, Valentin Allert, sent me a document on how to optimize a Windows 7 virtual desktop in a VDI/VMware View environment, for better performance.