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It wasn’t like the rest of the brothers financially supported Ichimatsu’s hobby. “But sleepy.” Ichimatsu had to come up with a plan to keep his brother alert or he was going to faint before the ambulance would arrive, “Hey Jyushi, do you remember what vegetables we bought? At that moment something clicked inside Ichi’s mind. Looking at Ichimatsu’s reaction, it was going to be pretty gruesome.

He’d say their team would never win with a vibrator as a batter. Yet the granny didn’t even stop to inspect the damage. ” The old lady just seemed to be amused by the young man’s concern, “Yes, I am. The windows haven’t been cleaned in over a decade and the garden is a mess. So you can imagine the chaos they both stepped into. On your knee height I think.” There was the unmistakable sound of heavy rummaging and a triumphant ‘aha! ” Jyushi bolted up and made his way towards the cupboards once again, “Where are they? Jyushi wasn’t one to count money so he’d pack the goods into paper bags while Granny would handle the money. She whispered him they were her treasure but the nice man could have them.When the day of the game finally came, Totty made sure to be in the crowd. There was an audible noise when the wooden bat hit the defenseless leather ball, sending it flying through the field. There was another sound following the bat hitting the ball. ‘They had to get in there’, they thought, already halfway through the field. ” Jyushi mumbled in pain as the brothers crowded around him forming a protective circle. He was starving and thinking of stopping by the nearest shop to buy something small. “Let’s see”, Granny flipped through the first one stopping to show a picture to her guest, “Here’s a kabuto beetle I found in a nearby forest not too far away from here. I bet it was the biggest I have ever found.” “So cool! ” the two would continue flipping through the albums for hours. The old ladies would tell Granny she had gotten an excellent little helper.The rest of the brothers were there too, of course. To be honest, the brothers thought they were looking at Hulk’s less green companions all playing baseball in one team. He was the biggest, meanest looking player they had ever seen. The brothers couldn’t decide on a motive, so they focused their attention on the game once again. It was a ‘splat’ sound and it echoed through the field. Even the birds seemed to understand to shut it for once. Jyushi would point out a picture he found interesting and Granny would tell him the story behind it. The sun had begun to set when the duo ended their conversation. The older men would praise his good manners and enthusiasm.Todomatsu had actually trained with his brother when they were younger. But things usually went awry when the friend didn’t like one of the brothers. After a long evening of testing the eye, the doctor’s diagnosis was nerve damage. They began thinking how hard it’d be for him to get a job in the future. It was fun to hear their brother’s take on everything. Totty, with some help from Karamatsu, had made an eye patch for him. Ichi’s hoodie moved, “They said no cats in hospitals but I think they can make an exception. Oh well”, Osomatsu scratched the cat under its chin. As you might already know, I and Karamatsu got ourselves part-time jobs at a construction site. I’ll make sure he takes only one shift for tomorrow. Flappymatsu, sorry, I mean Choromatsu made some research on the possible treatments. ” Osomatsu looks puzzled for a split second, “Ohh, those?He’d be the one to throw the ball and Jyushi would hit a homerun. It was a welcome change to the brothers’ hectic school days. The brothers kept together, meaning that friend wouldn’t hang out with them anymore. I thought I’d have a heart attack when I saw you on the ground! He told them Jyushi would have a lazy eye, probably for the rest of his life. They also thought how the rest of the school would get a new reason to bully their brother. After returning home, the brothers had a party for Jyushi’s win. To help prevent any unnecessary attention and to give Jyushi some more time with the eye. The eye would stay at its usual place as long as Jyushimatsu didn’t get too excited or anxious. ” Todomatsu began chatting with his sleeping brother fixing his hair while doing so. This little guy just had to come and see you.” Ichimatsu lifted the hem of his hoodie and out came Batter, mewing loudly. Karamatsu will work for both of us.” “Lazyass.” “I’m honored. Go get some sleep.” Karamatsu began dragging his brother away. You can stay for this night but I’ll take you with me when I leave. ” The cat curled up on his brother’s feet more comfortably, ready for a long night. Osomatsu told Jyushi how his brothers had found his secret porn stack. The one next to the udon shop.” The boss was a pain of course, bossy and smelled like tobacco. “Choromatsu told us he had ‘asked his friends’ for any open places. He needs sleep.” The nurse arrived to check on Jyushi before the night shift’s workers would arrive. He says we might be able to make the money for all of them. ” There was a long pause, “All you need to do now is to wake up. I brought my best ladies to keep Jyushi some company. Take care”, Osomatsu knew not to stay for any longer or he'd be dead. That annoying grin adoring Osomatsu’s face as he left told the whole story. ” Ichimatsu screamed after his brother who, accompanied by his ‘ladies’ and Batter, left the hospital building. The ambulance is right here.” When the paramedics arrived to the scene in less than a minute, the younger Matsuno brother had succumbed to loss of blood or something worse and his brother was frantically trying to wake him up. Ichimatsu took a deep, calming breath before continuing with his failed explanation, “Jyushi was… He tried to save the cat.” The message clearly went through this time, “In which hospital are you?! Ichimatsu was bombarded with questions about Jyushi’s condition to which he sadly had no answers to.

This kind of action was so unlike of the brother that Osomatsu knew right away that something had upset Ichimatsu, and a lot. ” “We’re in the one near the station, Akatsuka Hospital. ” there was rustling on the line when the oldest brother got dressed while probably holding the phone in his free hand, “You stay there and report any changes in Jyushi’s situation. The rest of the six brothers arrived in half an hour which was fast, considering they were all working prior to Osomatsu calling them.

They’d never want to miss their little brother’s big game. They had all though baseball players were all goofy and fun, like Jyushi and his team. The opposing team seemed to do it for some other reason. To everyone’s surprise, Jyushi and his team were winning. Jyushi, number 14, in his bright yellow shirt would be the in the field. Looking at the concentration on their brother’s face, the brothers were disappointed that he couldn’t use the same ability when it came to studying. The tea and the treats were long gone and Granny was thinking she’d need to offer her guest dinner soon. The little kids and their parents would laugh at his weird antics. Granny closed the shop during lunchtime and opened up again when people would begin to come home from work. Granny took a rag to dust off and polish the surfaces she could reach whilst Jyushimatsu took control of a vacuum cleaner.

Well, with Jyushi, who’d been hitting homeruns, and homeruns only, from the first round forward, it was no wonder. It was fancier than the one the brothers had at home.

There was bullying, bad scores and stupid club activities no one was interested in. It was usually either Ichimatsu or Jyushimatsu the friends ended up hating. They had planned to have one all the same, win or not. He’d tell how he hit the ball over the fence and how he made it to the base at the last second. His brothers would tell him about it saying, ‘Lazy eye’, anytime it happened without the owner of the eye realizing. He felt like he was really close to his big brother that time. “I’ll look for cool designs”, he told his brother and swiped his smartphone open, “Ah, this one looks cool! You can decide whether you like it or not.” The duo continued with their mission of finding the perfect design for an eye patch for the rest of the night. It jumped on Jyushi’s bed, circled around exactly 540 degrees and lied down on the patient’s feet. The oldest brother was laughing his ass off as he watched the performance. He was of course lying but he thought that the terrifying news might help his brother wake up. We all know he had searched through every single paper for ads before finding us our jobs.” Osomatsu giggled, “Yeah, and Totty took the extra shifts. She greeted Osomatsu, checked his brother’s vitals and wrote the information down before leaving. He didn’t even ask any questions about his brother’s condition. He actually talked with his coworkers and managed to make a deal with them. Please.” When Ichimatsu opens the door the following morning he almost trips. ” Ichimatsu roars as he shakes his slumbering brother. I introduced them last night.” If human flesh could boil, Ichimatsu would be steaming, “Take your girls and leave”, he said with a low voice. Before closing the door behind him, Osomatsu turned to his brother, “Tell Jyushi about your new job. “Hmph, what an idiot”, Ichimatsu muttered under his breath as he sat down on the plastic chair once again. It’s a nice day out.” While Ichimatsu stayed in the hospital for yet another day, Osomatsu decided he’d vacuum the house.

The other couldn’t care less and the other didn’t really understand the mean words. But Totty wasn’t having any of it, “Jyushi, does it hurt? The injury didn’t bother their brother, so there was really no reason to cancel anything. Now that he was in the same hospital once again, everything came back. Totty only noticed the time when Osomatsu send him a message asking how everything had been and that Ichi was on his way. “He’d be super happy to see you doing well.” A meow. Be patient.” The three of them, well, two, shared thoughts for the rest of the day. It was a great idea to bring together these two natural enemies. He told Jyushi how he had seen the biggest kabuto beetle ever on the way to the hospital. He believed he had heard everything topical from Ichimatsu. When looking for what the thing was, he saw a magazine. Porn, fucking, magazines on his little brother’s hospital room’s floor. Everyone else was somewhere doing something useful. And what would be more useful than cleaning in a household of eight. She was a kind-looking, grey haired lady who was holding a bag of what must have been full of pastries.

It had been a stomach bug, and had lasted for five days straight. It’s night there now, though”, Ichimatsu simply stated, hoping the simple answer would make his brother shut up. At that exact moment a black cat, obviously a stray, wandered from the bushes straight to the brothers’ path. Jyushi dug around the grocery store’s cheap plastic bag for a good minute before triumphantly raising a bag or treats hight above his head. When they finally arrived to the hospital, Jyushimatsu was wheeled off into an operating room. He’d have to answer after looking at the caller ID. They all stopped in front of the plain, boring door.

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