Updating calendar with birthdays

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Actually, Outlook itself doesn’t have a Birthday Calendar as birthdays are automatically placed in your main Calendar when you enter this information for a contact.However, when you are using an Office 365 Exchange Online, or Exchange 2016 account, then you can indeed have an additional Birthday Calendar since web versions of Outlook don’t place birthdays for contacts in the main Calendar folder but in a separate Birthday Calendar folder.

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It’s not, for instance, specifying a mission to be useful ‘to Google users’.If you want a longer reminder period, you will need to change the reminders on each birthday or anniversary or use VBA to set the reminders. Items Set obj NS = Nothing End Sub Private Sub mcol Cal Items_Item Add(By Val Item As Object) ' #### USER OPTIONS #### ' remind XX days before birthdays int Days = 7 If Item. Subject, "Birthday") For help using the VBA Editor, see How to use Outlook's VBA Editor When you import Contacts (or sync with a smartphone) the birthdays are not added to the calendar. The add-ins offer more features (and can offer a high return on investment) if you sync a lot, but for one time use, a macro is quick and effective. Dim With Events mcol Cal Items As Items Private Sub Application_Startup() Dim obj NS As Name Space Set obj NS = Application. This macro uses the Contact folder you are looking in. Admittedly the “universally accessible” clause is in apparent contention with the “useful” clause.Universal accessibility — a criteria which an ‘enforced Birthdays calendar’ algorithm clearly meets — is also higher up the mission statement’s food chain, with “useful” appearing to be only tacked on as an afterthought.The delivery medium for this latest stinker was a recent Google Calendar update, also enforced on users. Mountain View should probably take a little time out to study its own mission statement in full.

Which — for the record — currently reads: Emphasis on the word useful.However, if you import a contact list or sync with a handheld device, these events are not created in the calendar. Anniversary = Now ' Replace 'today' with the correct birthday & anniversary my Folder. Also available separately as Custom Birthday and Custom Anniversary.In order to have them added you need to either edit the contact's name (clicking the Full Name button and saving the contacts is sufficient) or edit the Birthday and Anniversary fields to trigger an update. (site is in German but utilities will work in English Outlook)A Microsoft Outlook Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1999, Diane is the author of several books, including Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners Book.So if you’ve been seeing the Birthdays of people you hardly know appearing UFO-like in your Google Calendar lately, never fear — this is just Mountain View doing its thang organizing your stuff.Specifically, this bit of Googly info-admin boils down to its algorithms harvesting the birth dates of all of your Google contacts (which means anyone you might email regularly) and any Google users you added to the circles of your (in all likelihood Google-enforced) Google profile, and then inserting those dates into your calendar so you don’t have to. Q: how useful is it to have the birthdays of people whose birthdays you don’t at all need to have in your calendar mixed in with the birthdays of people you do need in your calendar, cluttering up the place where you record other stuff you do really need to know? Google is probably too busy organizing the world’s information to register the universal indifference (to put it charitably) to this bit of information it’s “organized” unasked into your digital life.This guide was useful enough to have garnered some 12,000 views in the month or so since it was posted to Medium, according to Mulligan. I was one of the 12,000 who viewed the guide, and used its instructions to successfully excise Google’s Birthday Calendar cancer over the holidays. The guide is not currently useful, however, because Google appears to have removed and/or disabled the squirreled away removal option that Mulligan had carefully tracked down.