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This can be handy in case you are unable to check your phone (i.e. In the case that you are notified of an event, you have the option to call the police, sound the siren or ignore.

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There’s great potential for this category and once companies work out their customer service and get their products in top shape competition will be tough.

Simpli Safe ranks 5th in our Home Security Rankings and is also recommended by financial expert Dave Ramsey.

Note that without paying for a monthly monitoring package your system acts as a local system.

Simpli Safe has complete, customizable package options, which we like.

Simpli Safe is the other wireless alarm system in this Best Wireless Alarm System Kit article that gives you the option to turn on central monitoring for a monthly fee so you aren’t responsible for responding to your own emergency – even when you are not home, showering or sleeping.

An app is generally used to alert you when there is a sensor triggered so you won’t be able to monitor your system without a smartphone.

Currently, Scout and Simpli Safe are the only companies in this review to offer a professional monitoring option.

The DIY kits in this article have a higher cost up front and no monthly fees.

A Secure Life recommends professionally monitored systems over self-monitored systems because of the difficulty monitoring your system by yourself 24/7 (for example, when you are asleep at night).

With Simpli Safe, you get the feeling of what a “typical” home security system is like and it allows you to upgrade over time to a more complete alarm system.

Included in their packages are keypads, sensors, detectors and more.

Because companies are still building their reputation we have only chosen two picks for our winners: Scout and Simpli Safe.

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