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The new series was relaunched on Channel5 last month and is now presented by English entertainer Paul O‘Grady.“We wanted to be inclusive with our contestants and having LGBT representation throughout the series was really important to us from the outset, alongside maintaining the spirit and warmth of the original and much-loved format,” a Channel5 spokeswoman said.

Our matchmaking is done OFF-LINE so you will not have your details made public online.

You can also find peace of mind in the fact that we are ABIA regulated (that’s the Association of British Introduction Agencies).

In fact, we are the only dedicated professional dating agency that is ABIA recognised in the whole of the North West.

The ABIA is in place to protect all those who use our dating services and we have the added bonus of having an ABIA Elected Council Member, Mr Alex Mellor-Brook, as the manager of our consultative service.

So how do you get started with Select Personal Introductions?

We pride ourselves on discretion and confidentiality.

You will see that an introductions agency is the sophisticated way to find a potential partner when you don’t have the time to mingle and meet new people in person first.LGBT rights group Stonewall said it welcomed the decision and hoped to see more television programmes featuring sexually diverse people.“The show’s commitment to inclusion is welcomed by the community, demonstrating just how far society - and LGBT representation in the media - has come,” a Stonewall spokesman told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.LONDON, July 6 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A popular dating show on British television will for the first time include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) contestants, more than 30 years after it was first broadcast.The “Blind Date” episode, to air on Saturday to coincide with London’s gay pride march, will feature a woman deciding between three potential female dates who are hidden from view.With your happiness our number one priority, we offer a fully personalised service and have expert dating advisers on hand to help you whenever you need it.