Uiprogressview not updating

28-Jul-2017 08:00 by 9 Comments

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How can I make this bar steadily flow down, and then execute a task at the end of the timer without blocking the UI thread.

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Using blocks your for loop could be written this way: @ user1791131 it doesn't work in i OS 5.var request = HTTPTask() let download Task = request.download(urlm!, parameters: nil, progress: {(complete: Double) in println("percent complete: \(Float(complete))") self.It goes something like this: Browsing stack overflow, i have found posts like these - set Progress is no longer updating UIProgress View since i OS 5, implying in order for this to work, i need to run a separate thread.I would like to clarify this, do i really need separate thread for UIProgress View to work properly? I need image in every row but I don't want the app to wait for all of them, so I decide to run NSThread with loading images process.

Seems that up until 5.0, you could update the 'progress' variable from any thread, but the set Needs Display must be called from the main thread.

But I have a secondary observation, namely that you're doing 100 updates per second, and there's no point in doing it that fast because the maximum screen refresh rate is 60 frames per second.

However, a display link is like a timer, except that it's linked to the screen refresh rate.

I had implemented it exactly how you had showed, and can guarantee that there's nothing blocking the main thread.

When I try to update progress of the UIProgress View from inside my thread - it doesn't get updated. Initialization NSAutorelease Pool *pool = [[NSAutorelease Pool alloc] init]; [progress View set Progress:0.0]; NSThread *my Thread = [[NSThread alloc] init With Target:self selector:@selector(image Lazy Loading) object:nil]; [my Thread start]; [pool release]; [my Thread release]; I had the same problem with i OS 5.0.

The main issue is that he was making a UI change from a thread other than the main thread.