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Crown Princess Victoria first met Mr Westling during a session in his Stockholm gym. She had begun training to fill her empty hours, and to help overcome a serious eating disorder.

Much of the credit for the happy ending is being given to the courtiers whose efforts transformed Mr Westling - the so-called "Prince's school".

"Now with the suit and tie and designer glasses he looks like a stockbroker," said Mr Hedman, the author.

"The transformation is remarkable – he is barely recognisable from the young man we saw in 2002.

"He is fascinated by history, especially Swedish royal history," the courtier said with avuncular pride.

The engagement photographs sold in Stockholm's gift shops, alongside Viking figurines brandishing battleaxes and souvenir trolls, show the change now the jeans and baseball cap are gone.

Nowhere will celebrate the wedding with more enthusiasm than the sleepy lakeside town of Ockelbo, Mr Westling's childhood home 100 miles north of the capital in a logging area where elk, bears and beaver abound.

Last winter starving wolves came into outlaying farms and killed pet dogs.

"The courtiers taught him how to eat, what to say, how to stand.

"The people like Daniel and they like Victoria too, especially the young who are impressed with her concern for the environment.

"As a couple they are almost too perfect, but he really is squeaky clean.

Swedish magazine journalists have tried very hard to find something on him for the past eight years." But if Victoria and Daniel are almost boringly nice, her younger brother and sister have provided material for Sweden's tabloids.

His precious daughter was lined up for a Danish prince with impeccable lineage and the king was determined not to admit a tongue-tied commoner from the forests into the royal fold.

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