Tips to write online dating profile

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Tips to write online dating profile - tell me a little bit about yourself dating

Don’t be afraid to be specific It’s often the little details that catch people’s attention, so don’t be afraid to be specific.

Your profile is your shop window, so make sure it’s dressed as neatly as possible!

Your online dating success depends on the effectiveness of your profile.

Use the tips below, as demonstrated with Chanel's profile on the Steve Harvey Show, to improve your online presence.

“I love going out with friends to a nice country pub, but am equally happy curled up on the sofa at home with a DVD and a good bottle of red.” Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

I bet you’re thinking that if you had a pound for every time you’d read that on a dating profile you’d quite happily book yourself onto a singles holiday instead.

How do you get across the fact that you’re a normal, friendly, flexible person without resorting to clichés?

If you’re stuck for inspiration, and find yourself staring, sweaty palmed, at a blank screen, then fear not, here are six quick tips to help you write a dating profile that’s sure to get you noticed. This doesn’t mean turning your profile into a list of requirements, but it’s good to have an idea before you start of what you want, so you can target your own description accordingly.

Do your research Look at other profiles and notice what turns you off and what draws you in.

Do you find yourself attracted to people who share a lot of information, or is it more appealing when people leave more to the imagination?

Simply put: if your photos are not amazing, the right people may continue to pass you by.

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