The gay dating bible review guide

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The gay dating bible review guide - Usa naked sex meeting

Return to gaychristian101 home page Sodom starter page Sermons and Bible Study page Inhospitality as the sin of Sodom Are gay people sodomites? I pray it will be a blessing to you as you study Genesis 19.

Others speak about it plenty, but they focus solely on truth without any love or grace. And how should we respond to people who experience same-sex orientation?

Why did Lot say he couldn't do what the angels asked?

How is Genesis similar to Revelation , 14-15, 21:8?

Why is Genesis 19 viewed as being about homosexuality when the truth is, two heterosexual rapes occurred in Genesis 19 but no gay sex of any kind occurred in Genesis 19? When we know the truth about Genesis 19, will God hold us responsible to share His truth with others? Are we being faithful to God when we know the truth about Genesis 19 yet remain silent when fellow Christians teach that Genesis 19 condemns homosexuals? From a faithful heart for God's truth, will you gently and humbly share with your pastor and other Christians a copy of these study questions and what you have learned about Genesis 19? How do things you've said about gays and decisions you've made affect other Christians, your friends and family and the people you love? Have you offended and wounded gays and lesbians by wrongly using Genesis 19 to condemn them? Are you willing to apologize and ask forgiveness so that you can repair relationships you've damaged by misusing Genesis 19?

In general, Christians have done a poor job of talking about sexuality, especially when it comes to same-sex orientation.

That has resulted in an upside-down view of Genesis 19 and untold suffering for gay and lesbian kids who grow up in that environment. Please list the verses in Genesis 19 which instruct us to discriminate against or deny civil rights and equal rights to gays and lesbians?

Some of those gay and lesbian kids have killed themselves because of false teaching they heard in church. Please list the verse(s) in Genesis 19 which forbid gay marriage. Oil on canvas painting - The Great Day of God's Wrath, by John Martin, 1853, is in the public domain. You have my permission to cut and paste so you can make copies for your Bible study group, your church or your individual use AS LONG AS you do not post it online (I've already done that) or as long as you do not sell it.This Sodom 101 Seminar Study Guide is intended to help faithful pastors and Sunday School teachers and Bible study leaders convey truth to their hearers. Is there a difference between violent gang rape and sex in a loving marriage? Is it honest and ethical to teach that violent man on man gang rape by a mob equates to being gay? Before starting your discussion and answering these questions, please read all of Genesis 19 aloud with your group and then pray for the Holy Spirit to show you God's truth as you study the Bible together. Please list the verse(s) in Genesis 19 which mention gays or lesbians or homosexuals. What was Lot referring to when he asked the men of Sodom not to do so wickedly?

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