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Any person whom the TMAA wishes to honor or whose counsel is desired, and who by deeds or actions evidences abilities and profound interest commensurate with the highest standards of the TMAA, may be designated as an Honorary Member upon recommendation of the Board of Directors2.02.Natural persons may be admitted to membership in the Corporation by the Board or a committee designated by the Board to handle such matters.

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A candidate may satisfy the adjudicator/clinician component by serving at least once as a conductor of an All-State group in the area(s) of application within the five years prior to the candidate’s application for membership.2. Active Members who have retired from positions in music education, music administration, or as professional musicians may continue their membership in TMAA, with the exception of those who pursue full time careers in areas that would be considered to be a conflict of interest. serve as a clinician-conductor of an All-State organization within the preceding five-year period.No member appointed to a Grievance Panel shall serve on a Panel considering any Complaint if such service would give rise to a conflict of interest.Grievance Panels are AAM Committees to which membership suspension and expulsion powers are herein delegated by the Board of Directors under Article 4.5 of the AAM bylaws.Successful Teaching Component: Candidates must have at least five (5) years of University Interscholastic League music participation in the judging field in which they are applying.b.Employment in Music Education Component: A candidate must be currently employed in the State of Texas as either (1) a public school or college music educator, (2) a school music administrator, or (3) a professional musician.c.The Complainant may reinstate the Complaint by filing a complaint containing such statements within ten (10) days of receipt of the notice of dismissal.

These Bylaws govern the affairs of the Texas Music Adjudicators Association, Inc., a nonprofit corporation (herein, the “TMAA”).1.01.Workshop Component: A candidate must have completed a TMAA judging workshop in the performance areas (concert band, choir, orchestra and/ormarching band) in which he or she is applying to judge.d. Directors of public school music groups (grades 7-12): Lead or primary directors must have earned a Sweepstakes Award (Division I rating in Concert and Division I rating in Sight Reading) at Texas UIL music contests in each area of application (Band, Choir, Orchestra) and/or a Division I rating (Marching Band) in three of the five years preceding the date of the candidate’s application for membership.Assistant or secondary directors of organizations who use the ratings of the groups to satisfy membership criteria must submit a letter of recommendation from the lead or primary director of the organization.The Corporation's principal office in Texas will be located at 410 Coronado Drive, Kerrville, Texas 78028.The Corporation may have such other offices, in Texas or elsewhere, as the Board of Directors may determine.They must also submit three letters of recommendation from current TMAA members. adjudicate or be invited to adjudicate in at least two regions within the preceding five year period; orb.