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- Jesse [View Message] Hello I am Indian based in the United state When I became the ‘birth mother’ I was dating a really cool guy. This birthmother would like a private adoption mother is interested in placing her baby with a fun-loving family o...

I get down on my knees, unzip his pants and pull his cock out. This is the biggest cock I have ever hand my fingers around!I take about four or five inches of cock inside me, then wait a few seconds for Jesus to forgive me. I hold steady for a few seconds, then pull my head back and stand up.The congregation applauds as two of my Sisters run over to me and help to take my uniform off. I found out I was pregnant pretty soon after we began our relationship. I had just graduated from high school and started college, and he was finishing high school." Suddenly the boy rips off his clothes and says "Fuck Jesus Christ! " He gets down on his knees between my legs and thrusts his huge cock inside my pussy! It is ripping me apart and I start screaming "Satan is entering me!

Please look away while he tests my relationship with our Lord!

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- Anu [View Message] Hello mrs patna one thing is for sure that you have taken a right decision and would like to congratulate you in this, please feel free to discuss more on it as myself had gone through this procedure and i am aware of all the legalities required in this....

I see a really good looking guy about half way down the aisle, so I point at him, then say "God has blessed you my son!

Come up here so we can show everyone what a sin it is to have sex before marriage!

I lay down on it, then look up at the young man and say "Satan wants you to put your cock into my smooth shaven pussy!

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    This is based on three strands of evidence: (a) the setting of Matthew reflects the final separation of Church and Synagogue, about 85 CE; (b) it reflects the capture of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple by the Romans in 70 CE; (c) it uses Mark, usually dated around 70 CE, as a source.