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Propelled by the conviction of reinvention, Tegan and Sara’s 8th studio album, Love You To Death, is the latest sonic chapter in a celebrated 17-year career.Produced by Greg Kurstin (Adele, Sia, Beck, Ellie Goulding), Love You To Death delivers 10 new Tegan and Sara tracks more vibrant and visionary than ever.

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Having almost 12 months to write the songs for The Con gave both Tegan and me ample opportunity to experiment and write a zillion keyboard parts for the album.If the highest intention of the artist is to self-actualize, Tegan and Sara have given their devoted audience the gift of a front-row seat to their lifelong process of evolution.Love You To Death, featuring the first single “Boyfriend,” will be released on Warner Bros. One of the lyrics from your title track is “Nobody likes me, maybe if I cry.” Are either you or Tegan guilty of conning people into liking you by crying?I definitely do not do that, [but] I think Tegan was trying to say that she does. Some of us tell jokes, some of us are shy, some of us are troublemakers.I think that that line is maybe a watered-down way of saying that.

You’ve shared tour bills with indie-pop bands like The Killers and Hot Hot Heat, and Death Cab for Cutie guitarist Chris Walla produced the album. Matt Sharp [former Weezer bassist and producer] was a big influence during the So Jealous recordings.

Paradoxically, the essential message that underpins their worldview and identity is inclusion.

So it is only fitting that these two self-described outsiders have ultimately found acceptance from such a diverse amalgamation of cultural forces.

Let’s get this out of the way: Sara and Tegan Quin are not only identical twins, they’re also lesbians and Canadian. Rolling Stone magazine voted their last album one of the 50 best of 2004, the White Stripes covered one of their songs (“Walking With a Ghost”), and Grey’s Anatomy—which has an average audience of almost 3 million viewers—has placed a number of Tegan and Sara hits in its episodes.

The duo has just released its gorgeous and complex fifth record, The Con (Vapor Records).

With each album their writing grows in precision and vulnerability, and differing lyrical voices continue to sharpen their respective identities – Tegan’s unapologetically clear word choice in evaluating romance (“Stop Desire”) is balanced by Sara’s poetic reflections on anxiety (“Hang on to the Night”).

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