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“Make sure if you don’t like him that you don’t lead him on,” Samantha advised. “I’m gonig to rip her nose ring out and burn it,” Kruse typed.

They skipped school, smoked pot, played and surfed porn sites, but, despite frequent acting out, were never perceived as a serious threat.For a while, Kim dated Zach, another member of the group, who was particularly friendly with Kruse. “It wasn’t a nickname it was an insult,” he explained. I still do but now I know how people work and [what] makes them tick so It’s easy enough to put on a mask and play pretend.” When Kruse wrote of being “violent and explosive,” she replied with an “lol.”“You’re too good Kim,” he wrote to her one day, “you trust in people too much.”Offline, Kruse’s and Cam’s lives were growing increasingly dark. They experimented with drinking blood and bodily fluids.But, like many high-school romances, Kim’s affair with Zach was short-lived—he called it off after a few months. Friends reported hearing Cam screaming at his family at home, and Kruse, still living alone with his mother, was resistant to any supervision at all.The three of them chatted for a bit, and then went down to the small brown house on Happy Valley Road with a strand of lights strung along the trim.In the early hours of that morning, Kruse had told Cam he’d use a code phrase—“I think I’m going to make some KD”—a Canadian abbreviation for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner—when he was ready to attack.That day, Kim didn’t have classes, so her mother figured she’d sleep in.

The plan was for her to babysit in the afternoon, then come home to start sewing her graduation dress. After her mother had gone, she slipped on her black hoodie with the number 13 on the front, and headed for the Langford bus exchange.He complimented her beauty, telling her: “There arnt meny beautiful things iv seen, but i must say you are one of them.”“Aww thanx :),” she replied. The two had become close during her painful split from Zach, texting and chatting. Cam invited her to a party “in my pants” and promised a cream-filled lollipop.“OMG,” she wrote Kruse, “he says he has a Lolipop that will last all night long i didn’t no they made those! Kim: nothing other than baby sitting at Kruse: I’m bored and was looking for someone to chill with today. Kim: this is sudden an i can’t help but wounder why Kim: i don’t wanna talk about Zach . He secretly patched Cam in to eavesdrop on the call.Since Kruse was still close with Zach, Kim told her friend Samantha Kennedy that dating him seemed like a way to lessen the pain of losing Zach. ”“I happen to own that brand of lollipop as well,” Kruse wrote back.“Ok . ,” she replied, with her signature emoticon, cat whiskers, “there is no such Lolipop with a cream in the middle Kim: Oh ... As Kruse and Kim talked, Kruse and Cam IM’d each other, reveling as their fantasy came to life.When he wasn’t texting, he was playing the online role-playing game, or chatting over the Microsoft network with friends. Eventually, they transferred her to an alternative school, Pacific Secondary, to get more individualized attention.When Kruse IM’d Kim to see if she was done babysitting, no response came. The school attracted a variety of troubled kids in Langford, a sleepy suburb of Victoria, but few more troubled than Kruse Wellwood. In 2001, following his involvement in a sexual-assault case, Kruse’s father, Robert Raymond Dezwaan, sexually assaulted and murdered a 16-year-old girl.While Kruse was wiry and intelligent, Cam was a hulking slow learner who suffered from A. He was increasingly menacing at school too, bringing a knife to class.

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