Speed dating testimonials

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Speed dating testimonials

Below are some of the many testimonials we've received over the years of operating in NYC.

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The hosts did a good job also of keeping the mood light-hearted, enthusiastic and fun. I'm so happy that we both took a chance on LOVE!

I don't believe in love at first sight or think speed dating was what I was looking for.

I decided to sign up for the evening of speed dating with a open mind.

We’re pushing 100 employees, we’re profitable, and we’re growing. And that’s exactly what happened when we teamed up with Hacker X to host one of the biggest tech networking events in Sacramento.

So much so that we no longer really fit into the true definition of a startup (if there even is such a thing). So what do you do when you become the poster child for the region’s tech initiative? Quite simply, you support and empower the rest of the region’s tech industry.

Everything was so much easier than I thought and the company is extremely well-organized. I got to talk to both the hosts and they were soooooo calm and on top of things. This event rocked, you guys are the best and have delievered once again. The people are friendly and the event itself was enjoyable. The hosts were helpful and the dates were very attentive and responsive. I've been to many of your events and they're always well run. I always enjoy the events and have recommended them to friends over the last year or so. I was pretty nervous about coming to it, as I've gone to other speed-dating events and they were a disaster!

OUR HOSTS WERE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICALLY INCREDIBLE. You must do a marathon event 40 women atleast once a month, that would be awesome! Have done other dating companies but this one is the best. The lounge had a very good vibe, as did the girls at the event. I thought it was a great place: great food, cozy, intimate. I was impressed by your event because the quality of people in attendance was stellar. The guys were great, and there was a warm atmosphere to the whole event. I'm happy to report that I met someone and we have been dating since the event.The gentleman, Neil, took a job up north shortly after the event but somehow we had an amazing connection from the start and it developed into a romance that words can't explain.I am moving up there to be with him permanently and am excited to start a life with.While Sacramento might be considered a government town, a leader in health care, or the Farm-to-Fork capital, it’s time to make room and prioritize Tech.Due to lower costs of living and higher quality of life, the tech industry is migrating from the greater Bay Area. while we may never know if there were any “love” connections at Sky Slope-Hacker X, we do know that hosting collaborative networking events are legitimizing and confirming Sacramento’s investment in, and support of, the tech community.I just wanted to send you an e-mail because I'm sure that this doesn't happen frequently and this story can be inspiring to others.

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