Speed dating reading ivory lounge

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Speed dating reading ivory lounge

I cashed it and made three payments on my Tahoe; stuck the rest in the collection plate at church. Just look at that judge upstate, the one who got scared when those pictures turned up of him with that underage girl and hung himself. Hes just called "Dor" for most of these pages, or sometimes "Car Wreck".That was more than twenty years gone, and folks still talk about it. He was what I guess youd call my best friend in those days.

So I typed my handwritten notes into something legible, usually in the afternoon or in the wee hours, in those odd minutes sandwiched between work and family...changing very little except for the interjections of modern life into my high-school reveries, wanting to flesh out the story while trying to leave every clumsy analogy and each pithy bit of dialogue intact. Shooting and screwing are the most popular past-times down here. Cartographers--folks who make maps--call it a "tropical depression", which is another way of saying the land dips so that it grabs the heat and holds it in.From our garden-inspired lounge to the sanctuary of our private dining room, this botanical retreat is a perfect for all day drinking, dining and relaxing.The Folly is a unique space with a carefully crafted seasonal menu, quirky cocktails and fine wines that simply make it too easy to stay all day. Sometimes something comes to me from the past that I hadnt thought to write down then, like an event or a conversation or a piece of gossip out of the blue, so I have to stick it in someplace. Thats why this thing looks so muddled and out-of-joint most times. When I was barely old enough to quit pooping my Pampers, we moved to Pismo Beach.Sometimes I think of something that makes me think of something else. Its like when you interrupt yourself talking to clarify or add to a point you made two minutes ago because in real-life you never really have those whiz-bang comebacks or smart things to say they always seem to have at the ready in books. I suppose you should know right off, Im not a born Southerner. Dads job relocated us all the way out to Carthage, the county seat--Americas Maple Leaf City!I sent the pages off to a publishing house someplace up North, then forgot about it--and by god, they accepted it. Makes the girls breasts ripen faster, I think, like peaches somebody kept in the trunk of their car too long in the summer, or in a basement where ventilation is poor.

When that first royalty check came in the mail come fall, I actually had no idea what it was for. Though Ive gotten a lot less shy about keeping the money they send me every month since. Or maybe I just decided I was entitled to a little--whats that r- word that means "payback"? No, not the one I want, but I suppose itll do for now. Like I said, this isnt a novel, and Im not a novelist. You want novels, check out something by that crazy guy upstate in the Heel, the one that wrote all those books filled with cuss words and conspiracy theories. Dont know if it ripens the boys parts up early too--I dont look, God, no--but I can safely say the sight of all that ripe and abundant lilgirl-flesh makes a lot of the older goats plain crazy with lust.There have been a lot of those, emotionally speaking, in the last ten years, so the landscape this river used to run back in high school is a hell of a lot different than the one running now.I get off-track a lot and I apologize for that too.The sole piece of adornment she wore was that piece she kept rapping against her incisors. I have a copy of the Mississippi Press article on my desk, and Im looking at it now. They say if not for her leaving Phillip Orts and running off the way she did Lici Orts would still be alive.And that was my introduction to Dyla Savannah Gaddis. Life is like that--funny from time to time, most times boring, quite a few sad parts. Who the hell says she couldnt get killed just fine if her mamma stayed right here in Misery (my dads pet name for The Show Me State)?Along the coastline the variety of scenery is outstanding with unspoiled beaches, steep white cliffs, interesting bays and old smuggler’s coves.

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