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This workshop is an introduction to Anticipatory Design.You will explore the possibilities and applications of predictive UX by brainstorming and prototyping ideas to create automated services that anticipate people’s needs.

Live audience experiments, lots of stories of embarrassing errors and practical tips on how you can guard against biases in your own work.And you’ll get advice from Steve Rawling, a creative thinking trainer with the BBC Academy. It’s an information war out there - and the people with the best stories are winning it. Whatever your job, you MUST be able to tell great stories about your work.So, how can you tell the kind of stories that supercharge your pitch, influence your colleagues and win new customers? Facts, opinions, mission statements and all the business-jargon in the world are utterly forgettable unless you weave them into a compelling story.Across the Narva road and a bit more to the left (2min walk) are Villa Thai, Köleri 2, Faeton and NOP.A slightly longer walk (4min) is to the Japanese restaurant Haku.Steve Rawling helps people develop their best ideas and tell great stories about their work.

He runs a training business, writes books and rides bikes up big hills.

And it’s for company leaders who want to establish a creative culture in their workplace. You’ll learn the secrets behind tried and tested creative processes: ways of thinking that increase your chances of finding new ideas.

You’ll take away 10 different creative thinking techniques to use on your own or within your team.

BBC Academy trainer Steve Rawling will help you find, develop and sell your best ideas. Learn to tell stories that help you pitch your ideas and influence colleagues and customers.

Learn the tricks that journalists use to grab attention from former BBC News journalist Steve Rawling.

Mapping journeys into action: Translating UX research into great first release products and services.

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