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They are quick in making decisions and keep a Plan B handy, always.So if you cannot make a decision easily, it is going to be tough for you to make your relationship work.

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Scorpions do not get angry easily, but when they are, expect a huge explosion.

When they are working, they invest their heart and soul into it and when it comes to partying, they party like crazy.

So, you need to be passionate about things, if you want to make your relationship work with a Scorpion.

They always keep themselves on their toes and want their partners to be active too.

They are the kind of people who always know what they want and how to get it.

However, before getting into one, give a look on the few basic traits, which you must know.

These are: Scorpions have a dominating personality and like to take all the decisions in their life, even your decisions if you are in their life.They fall in “know it all” category and never accept their mistakes.If you are dating a Scorpio, make sure that you do not hurt their ego.If your Scorpion partner is not updating his/her status on the facebook that does not mean that he/she is cheating on you.It is just that Scorpions like to keep their things private and personal. " On Ranveer: "That he's becoming very boring, and calm" Deepika: "She has quite a few rumours!

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    Perhaps you also want them to share your religion as well.

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