Sixth grade dating tips

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Sixth grade dating tips

In other words, those are the people that everyone talks about.Well in seventh grade there were so many rumors about these two people and at first I was like, "glad that isn't me." But as the year went on, everyone was making a huge deal and then I realized, "who cares that they are dating?

well im a 7th grade girl and stuff i did last year on dates just led me to getting heartbroken.

I know people that think they aren't good enough to have friends.

These people are the ones that need a friend and one smile, one hello, one conversation, a "hey want to work together" can really make their day. Always be prepared for school My school uses i Pads for our notebooks but I personally like using notebooks to write in and a kindle to read on.

I am not lying because there are some people that were so mean to me but being nice kills the bullies.

They want to see you be upset because it makes them feel better about themselves.

So being prepared and organized honestly helps a lot. Have fun with friends Don't always be studying, doing homework, or reading my blog (haha jk) but go out with friends.

Go to starbucks, or if you don't have money go to the park. If you go to starbucks I strongly suggest the cotton-candy frappe (secret menu!

People in my grade would be like, "Christina, your not even looking at the camera." or some people would rudely say, "how do you have so many followers?

" I am not trying to be mean but I honestly don't know how I have 700 followers.

But towards the end of the year I started to take a deep breath and it really does make a difference. Stay away from Drama I know parents and teacher say to students, "stay away from drama," but I am being serious. I am still in middle school but I have realized that.

I have my group of friends and then there are other people I am friendly with. Those are the people who make rumors about themselves and other people.

They are jealous because YOU are being nice to everyone and they can't be.

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