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At its core, being green -- as much about appearance and perception as it is about saving the world -- means being natural, and with gray hair there’s no artifice.For gay men, historically known to bury hurt and pain under glossy, performative exteriors, that’s especially revolutionary.

There’s something feminine about it.” Even the notion of a fox, which is a slight but cunning animal, plays into that effect.

“It’s not a wolf -- you don’t think of some beast.” It’s a trend that New York psychotherapist Brian Lathrop has noticed among his predominantly gay male clientele too.

In the last few years, he says, his clients in their 30s and 40s have shown a greater acceptance of turning gray in a way that’s markedly different from just a decade ago.

I was still wrestling with the answer to that question when one afternoon last winter I came face-to-face with a silver fox while at the grocery store -- and my insecurity about gray hair dissipated instantly like a bad dream.

I had seen silver foxes before, of course, and even counted some of them as friends, but this guy was different: He was stunning -- lean, attractive, skin unblemished.

Like the bear scene, silver foxes seem like a return to normalcy -- to an honest reflection of what men really look like.

“I think it’s a bit of a slap in the face of the overpumped Abercrombie- or Hollister-wearing guy,” says Daniel Peddle, another prominent fashion-industry casting scout, who, like his friend Weir, is gay.

Every day I’d check, hoping it was just a trick of the light.

I wasn’t entirely certain (or maybe I was just in denial) until I sat in my hairstylist’s chair and told her what I suspected.

Sure, there were only a few hairs now, but it was only a matter of time -- months, maybe a year?

-- before I’d be totally gray and my youth would be lost forever.

They look hot and youthful -- and at the same time seasoned, thanks to their gray hair.