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Clients can now test the technologies Arvato CRM Solutions offers to support them with digitization, live in the new “CRM Studio” showroom in Gütersloh – from chatbots, to video identification, all the way up to personalized videos.

One example is the fictitious company Quantos X, specializing in teleportation – a type of travel famous in science fiction films, where a person “beams” from place to another in a matter of seconds.

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Once she’s arrived at her friends’ home, she asks further questions via the channel Whats App before continuing her travels.

The CRM Studio gives clients the opportunity to gain information and new insights on the multifaceted options of digitization in customer service.

The Seed Savers Network and also our 2000 m² Team are happy to report that the idea of the 2000 m2 Field in Gilgil in Kenya has shown some potential in feeding households, especially at this period when Kenya has experienced production challenges due to shortage of …

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Using digital and classic customer journeys, Arvato CRM Solutions’ entire innovative solutions portfolio is presented at the corporate headquarters “An der Autobahn” and is a real experience for consumers.

For example, from the perspective of an customer who books a spontaneous teleportation to Amsterdam via chatbot.

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