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The girl will pick it up.” Some guys aren’t content to take the chance.

One thirty-something musician held an ‘ud, which is a half-pear-shaped string instrument held rather like a guitar.One of the biggest parties happened on Palm Island, a massive construction project of the government.They are building entire islands that will feature dozens of resorts and planned communities.What I do understand from Babak is that Lebanese women are ‘high maintenance’. Local women, on the other hand, are not even allowed to chat on the telephone with a man outside the family. The music is good and the scene is ‘happening’, but it’s one big ‘pick up’ joint.When my friend Khalil goes there, he gives away about a half dozen business cards. When I first came to Dubai, I heard from my friend Matt how local Arab men ‘meet’ Arab women. When they see a girl they like, they’ll drop a business card on the floor and walk away.The Palm Island New Year’s Eve party saw revelers walking around the beaches, in some cases topless, drinking champagne from bottles, and, more tellingly, dancing naked.

Some may say, ‘well big deal, it was New Years Eve’; others are probably shaking heads rather moralistically. But what’s interesting is that it happened here, in the most conservative part of the Islamic world, the Gulf.Then there are the fun-loving girls who fly out from Europe (and the States) to hook up with affluent guys.Magazines here have even published interviews with British women who say they come out for sun, fun, and sex.For one thing, these restaurants don’t kick into high gear until after 10pm.Also, traditional Arabic music plays a large part of the experience and if you don’t understand Arabic, the songs all sound the same: somewhat dissonant, the pitch of the singer’s voice rising and falling like a roller coaster.As the musicians started playing, George said, “Salim’s paying.