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Sundays, import wars, Ozzfest '01-'02, 1 tans' '00, GNO, Newport '02, 8/19/02 & 9/ , Salt Lake '02. FOUND: W/ KT, TR, MV, MN, RN, PM, shopping, Brooks, in bed. ACTIVITIES: Chorus, drama, Leo Club, Madrigals, CCD, sing- ing. FAVORITE SAYING: Have faith in the human spirit and in each heart's capacity to make our world a better place. SAY.: Laugh and the world laughs zoith you; cry and you get ivet. track 1-4, cheerleading (fall) 1 FOUND: Anywhere w/SJ. FAV MEM.: Jumping Chin's car at the DPW and hiding behind the dumpster when he turned the key, all track arid xc seasons, xc camp '01 & '02. So as a joke during Mere's after-dinner-run through the halls, the enior girls decided that Janine Molino should chase after her. Although this stereotype is one that most people think of when they think about going to lunch at school, the teachers here at King Philip think differently. Senior captain, Tom Hayes says that by the end of the week the team was closer then ever before. Life 131 ■ I Jiir, ■ Sun Splash Upperclassmen can finally enjoy the fun and excitement of traveling to the beach with friends now that they have licenses and cars. On their way to Horseneck Beach, a huge truck carrying hay nearly flipped over on them while they were driving. AMBITION: To have lots of money and to be happy with what- ever I do with my life. DISLIKES: Rude/fake people, studying, s, 6/11/02, pink, feet, 7 am, Diet Coke, car : lents, back stabbing, bugs, rules, Panthers, FAVORITE MEMORY: Blueberry day, beach , XT. AMBITION: To change the world and make a difference. ACTIV.: FH 1-4, Leo Club, track, SADD, peer leadership, homerm rep . FAVORITE MEMORY: The dilatory story, the TJ and Ben affair, driving with Rachel, Mentos and math, districts. AWARDS: Districts freshman, junior, senior year, Latin Silver Medal. DISLIKES: Mosquitoes, getting sick, noise, static, losing, ignorance, cheaters, bad driv- ers, smoking, being uncomfortable, losing things. Meredith Healey, a junior, told everyone that she would never vrant to have a stalker. It was razyll Janine described the situation with a smile on her face. However, the garage wasn't warm enough so she opened the door d go into the house. She decided to hide behind er pillow on the front lawn for cover! There are the stereotypical lunch ladies who serve mystery meat and wear big aprons, hairnets, and frowns on their faces. Many other teachers would like to trade places with present day polititians and people well known for their money. Kramer, feeling generous, said that he would like to trade places with Bill Gates, and donate all of his money to King Philip. Even though the camp was held at the high school, the week proved to be well worth it.

Plainville Shivy, Shoo Shoo Siobhan T3arton LIKES: Music, jazz, the wagon, Nick's Boat, hav- ing fun, golf, Red Sox. FAVORITE MEMORY: Playing Symphony Hall, the RCA Dome. T3ona Allie, Alley, Kat, Alyssr Plainville Melanie Dawn T3ernier Mel, Mellie Norfolk KES: Musical theater, singing, butterflies, sun- wers, angels, orange scented things, Rocky Hor- Picture Show, Ms. FAV SAYING: Life is measured not in • number of breaths we take but by the moments that :e our breath away. You have been there for me even through all the stupid things I've done. ACTIVITIES: Playing guitar, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, eat, watch tv, eat, sleep. AMBI- TION: I'd like to be a spaceman or drive a really big truck. Have fun, but still work hard to achieve your goals. Plainville Cassidy, Cas, Heth, Nomar, Stretch Heather Nicole Gassidy LIKES: Writing songs, playing guitar, Green Day, Mx Px, Dashboard, 34 Spoons, ANB, JR, JP, JT, In- fernal Combustion, LA, RK, LD, AB, ZL, TC, KL, SB, dinner at Laura's w/TC & ZL. OTHER: Thank you Nana, Papa, Mom, Zach and all my friends for everything. DIS- LIKES: Mean people, minivans, buttered popcorn, chemistry, clowns, The Man, skirts, custard pie. MEM.: X-C camp '00-'02, camp foss '01-'02, home- coming, fball games, class comp, jr. AMB.: To make the world a better place in law enforcement, to be happy. When dealing with specific people, it is also easy to see what each individual represents.ACTIVITIES: Jazz band, jazz combo, drama, GAPS, tech crew, marching band, percussion ensemble, symphony band. Ryan's class, pajama pants, aret, listening to classic rock at the beach. S: Dirty snow, math, having five projects due same week, prejudice, being broke, bees, broc- i, immaturity, hypocrisy. MEM.: Six Flags KP drama, belting Broadway show tunes with , DG, CS, LW, FK, AL, JW, MO, Halloween rties, Rocky Horror Picture Show at Harvard uare with Val. OTHER: Thank, you to my ends and family for supporting me and making ch day extraordinary. Wrentham Artiste, Briere, Lah Lauren Deanne T3riere LIKES: Friends, pools, the sun, the outdoors, eat J ing, being in a large group, driving, trampolines DISLIKES: Slow drivers, fake people, lies, sittings for too long, walking, being lost, working, beingi cold, rules. Norfolk Plainvi Christopher "Bright Wrentham LIKES: Melissa, food, music, friends, bananas, apple juice, my dream girl AB, teasing Kristin, exercising, eating healthy. FAVORITE SAYING: If you enjoy ham half as much as I enjoy ham, then 1 enjoy it twice as much as you. DISLIKES: Six Flags, heavy equipment, jealousy and greed. MEM.:12/29/99, 2/8/02, all the shows, NH trips, 7/4/02, MC's w/JR, working at Lifetime w/JR, RR, LC, JP, MF, RT, cruisin w/the boys LA, JR, RK, Green Day '02. Thanks, Shoo, for being my best friend since 6th grade. LIKES: MTBing, steak, campfires, discus, no home- work, #28, Monty Python, DMB, hot weiners, real music, guitar, deli food, JH, SK, JB, CC, AR, CD, GW, JM, TG and all the track kids, airborne duct tape. prom, summer '01, sweet 16, x-c & track '99-'02, New Year's '02. Jess Barrett, a sopho- more, is known for making the best out of every situation and always manages to have fun.LIKES: BK runs, soccer, Phish, DMB, student coun- cil trips, chillin in the hot tub. C with student council, summer of '02, my cow speech at sophomore elections, chillin with chicks, with Ben, achieving two of my ultimate goals, ping-pong in gym classes. SAY: Careening through the universe, your axis on a tilt, you're guiltless and free. OTHER: Mom, Dad, & Grant- everything I am is because of you. FAVORITE MEMORY: Incubus shows* w/KW (7/18/2001), w/LB (9/19/01), w/JM (5/ 15/02), w/MC (9/18/02), driving randomly w/ JM, New Year's at KT. FOUND: At Samsonite (I was way off) or out w/ the friends. Allison T3yrne Allie, Big Al Norfolk 14 Seniors LIKES: Pajamas, relaxing, stars and moons, pink, toddlers, fruit, my pets, my baby Olivia, good days, ER, good friends, lip gloss, shopping, hav- ing fun, Brian. track, Up and Coming in Softball, Who's Who Among Outstanding H. Stu- dents and in Sports, Future Leaders of America, Hockomock League Ail-Star in softball, Sun Chronicle League All-Star. Jill Petruchik, a senior, is known for her unique antics and expressions. Craig La Valley is another senior who is known for his antics.DISLIKES: Loneliness, boredom, forget- fulness, the smell of Video World. LIKES: Red, fire, piercings, tattoos, NS, BF, The Fast and the Furious, Vin Diesel, parties, ceramics, Mustangs, eclipse, Dodge Chargers, street racing. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer 02 at Cape w/Linds, ceram- ics w/KC, NM, IC, cruisin w/KM, KC, JB... FOUND: W/LM, JB, KC, spending money, cruisin w/Linds, partyin in RI. FAVORITE MEMORY: DMB concert 2001, covert ops in woods w/GW and BF, XC camp, Utah w/NF, New Year's '02, Superbowl at BC's house, SW and I volleyball champs, prom '01 . FOUND: Hanging out w/NF, CC, or anybody from the XC team, playing guitar. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Chrissy - I don't know how you're ever going to survive while I'm at college. ACTIVITIES: Lawn mower racing, welding, logging expos, hanging with the guys, demolition derbys. FOUND: With Steph, with Brian, at UMASS Amherst, CVS. OTHER: Thank you to my family, Brian, and Steph for everything. LIKES: Flowers, pink, summer, limo rides, beach, parties, NFCG, cheese dance, friends, jewelry, Olive Garden, mystery rides, family, CE2'5. DISLIKES: Mean and arrogan' people, sand, waking up early, elevators, Span- ish, bio, FLYING. OTHE^ would like to thank my family and friends fo: their unending support. OTHER: Thanks Mom, d, Joey, Cathy, and the rest of the family for the Dport you have given me. Wrentham LIKES: Softball, high jump, shot put, weight lift- ing, eating, mozarella sticks, pizza, Chinese food, ice cream, friends, shopping, art, sports, summer rain, beach, amusement parks, music, cookouts. At proms, dances, and even just in the hallway, Justin is always the ladies' man.FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer at Fisher's, doing random stuff w/ES, Much Ado About Nothing, going to the mall in our prom dresses w/SS. AMBI- TION: To find the love of my life and to live a long happy life. AWARDS: Captain XC varsity XC, track 3 years, second best Bourke award. Wrentham Justin T3ourke LIKES: Mopar, Nascar, John Deere, math class 01'- 02', country music, design tech, Yugos, graduating. FOUND: With Aga Hoagland, John Holt, and Ian Cooper. AMB.: To overcome all problems I come into contact with, and to be truly happy. DIS- LIKES: Liars, people with big egos, leprechaun stalkers, being bored, sneakers. Without them I wouk not have made it this far and become the person am today. DISLIKES: Bad teachers, not getting my license until senior year, obnoxious people, cliques, sea- food. Carlee Kurkjian, a junior, strives for her best when deal- ing with homework, friends and family. Another KP girl who is frequently smiling is Lindsay Khouri. LIKES: Cruisin tunes, # 6, hangin' with friends, laughing, cheering, Jose. ACTIVITIES: Writing music, playing music, recording. FOUND: Home, Lina's, Tyler's, Walpole, shows, Guitar Center. DIS- LIKES: Dreamhouse, rumors, slow drivers, fights, sm. Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me such a won- derful life! Norfolk Navonod Norfolk Jacob Douglas LIKES: # 31, hanging out with Stevo, OCB, Phi The Greatful Dead, Keller Williams, Bob Mark Zena, swimming in the ocean, fishing, cookouts track meets, cruising in the Cougar. FA- VORITE MEMORY: ES with RR, Tom's on Sun- days, backyard fires, NYC '01, Dayton 00', chillin on the porch with AP and NP, Newport with AG, Area I tour with RP, MO, NP. ACTIVI- TIES: Freshman and sophomore track w/Lynn, DECA. While summer was a rest period for many, not everyone got to spend their summer at the beach or at cook- outs. In the end, we don't think anyone would complain about their summer.

OTHER: Thanks to my parents and family for being there during the rough times. FA- VORITE MEMORY: Strutter, the defeat, ANB, Lina's Roast, NH, root beer parties, Mass Art shows, recording at New Alliance. Wrentham T3ryan Donahue LIKES: NH, Lakeview, , window watching, Diet Coke, waterskiing, tanning, holding hands, Four Winns, the Zipper w/MC, Gatorade jb's, thugs, Reese's, Care Bears, scuba diving. I would like to be a role model for li kids when I grow up because I think all the Oh today are fake. DISLIKES: Snobby people, people who try too hard, rockv beaches, bad metal. OTHER: Family, friends, and the Class of 2003- Achieve your dreams and never stop smil- ing. Plainville LIKES: Yahh, DECA, yahh, friends, family, hav- ing fun. FAVORITE MEMORY: Freshman gym class, SH and LL, Dartmouth ZL, road trips- Em, Zoe, dinner w/ Tim, Chris and Zoe, hola Em, holala Jake. One guest, Sasha Provost, said about Jenn's parties, we had barrels of laughs play- ing Marco Polo. Camp and said that the kids were adorable and that she can't wait to see them at camp next summer.

ACTIVITIES: Drama 1-4, soccer 1, bball 1, spring track 1, cross country 2-4, winter track 2-4, lacrosse 2-4, chorus 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer '02, RW ZOO, Olive Garden '01 with NFCG, camping with KT, NY '00. - : KES: Laughing, baby blue, family, shopping, jsic, dancing, summer, driving, beach w/EG, wers, stars, sleeping, talking, weekends, boys, rties. When not cuddling with her stuffed animals, she can be seen laughing with her class- mates and enjoying being in high school.

AC- TIVITIES: Basketball 1-2, cross-country 2, Leo Club 1-4. DISLIKES: Working, ignorance, conceited ople, the Outlets, stress, crying, school, home- UND: With friends, at Kristen's, w/Rachel. Countless others can be identified with a certain thought.

AMBITION: To take in life with every breath that I can. OTHER: Thank you to everyone who truly loves me, SB, KL, AD, AH, ZL, SH, LG, JP. AMBITION To turn a frown upside-down then stretch thai smile up a mile for someone everyday. OTHER: Thank you XC for making these 4 years the best of my life. And even though some people may not see the humor in their photo right away, with a little time most people realize that these moments could happen to anyone, and usually do.

FAVORITE SAYING: A life without love is no life at all. FAVOR- ITE SAYING: I'm so buffi could uax your car. Life 135 1 w IB The King Philip community prides itself on having a variety of students who participate in the many school offerings.

[KES: Fashion, pink, pink & white roses, Shawn, irs, banana splits, skippin, shopping, princess aves, Dunkin Donuts, my gals, Vin Diesal, sun nning, Nelly. FAVORITE MEMORY: Ireland 0, scuba schemin w/AB, NYC w/KM and HS, ampton Beach w/BM, 2/21/00, semi '00-'01, •om '02, Phantom of the Opera w/LC, DP, MB, 28/02 thanks SS. Knowing this, it is easy to identify certain people, groups of friends, and even classes with a certain idea or thing.